"Beyond Greatness" will be the tagline for the tournament in nước australia and New Zealand in less than two years’ time.

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Image: The biệu tượng công ty for the 2023 Women's World Cup was inspired by indigenous artists khổng lồ celebrate the two countries' origins

FIFA has released the biểu tượng logo for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the intention being lớn celebrate the landscapes và cultural history of host countries nước australia and New Zealand.

The tournament"s slogan, "Beyond Greatness", has also been revealed as world football"s governing body toàn thân starts the countdown to the biggest event in women"s football.

FIFA insists it is planning for the World Cup to lớn go ahead on time and with fans from all over the world despite ongoing travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia và New Zealand have heavily monitored arrivals into the countries during the global health crisis but tournament organisers aren"t making contingency plans at this stage.

Image: As well as the logo, a 'Soundscape' has also been produced for the tournament by music producers

"Both governments are working hard to xuất hiện the borders & to make sure Covid is something that can be, shall we say, lived with," FIFA"s chief women"s football officer Sarai Bareman told reporters.

"I believe the measures that are being put in place by the two governments in both countries will mean we are going lớn have an xuất hiện situation in 2023 & both countries will be able lớn welcome fans, players và teams."

"We have to lớn be careful about putting measures in place, we"re all used to that now. For example, wearing a mask, social distancing and that kind of thing. It"s important we work with the two governments to lớn work in a safe way."

The global pandemic has seen attendances in women"s football in some countries stagnate in 2021, with the recent attendance of just over 23,000 at Wembley for England vs Northern Ireland being cited as a concern by many supporters.

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Bareman admits there have been negative effects on the global trò chơi over the last year and a half but is confident the World Cup will help alleviate any problems in the long term.

"It certainly is a concern, we can"t deny that," Bareman said when asked about attendances.

"Covid has affected football as it has other sports và wider society. It"s something we need to keep a close eye on."

Inside the WSL

"It"s obviously having an impact on getting people into stadiums so we need to use this World Cup & the build-up to lớn leverage và overcome those problems that have come about."

60,000,000 women and girls playing by 2026

Despite the problems brought about by the pandemic và economic downturn, FIFA is confident of reaching its target of getting 60,000,000 women và girls playing football around the world by 2026.

Bareman insists the World Cup is the highest-profile way lớn pull the women"s side of the thể thao up khổng lồ where it belongs.

"The biggest changemaker in the women"s trò chơi is the Women"s World Cup. You just have khổng lồ look at the numbers from France, they really pushed women"s football into the mainstream.

"The next generation of girls needs to have every opportunity to participate in, lớn coach, lớn lead our game và the Women"s World Cup is the biggest lever we have to pull khổng lồ accelerate the growth of our game"

Plans to lớn stage the Women"s World Cup every two years are ongoing và feasibility studies & discussions are being held by FIFA & players, coaches và officials.