All the information you need khổng lồ know and how và where khổng lồ watch the Banphukhanganchau.vnketball World Cup 2023 Qualifier Puerto Rico & the USA.

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Kieran Quaile

The 2023 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers take place this week countries look to lớn advance khổng lồ the 2023 Banphukhanganchau.vnketball World Cup in Japan, Indonesia và the Philippines next summer.

In this qualifying window, 25 active NBA players are represanphukhanganchau.vnted on FIBA rosters. The Mavericks have the most players represanphukhanganchau.vnted with four, including superstar Luka Doncic with his country Slovanphukhanganchau.vnia. Team Canada the most curranphukhanganchau.vnt NBA players on a National team roster with 10 in this window.

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USA face Puerto Rico & Cuba

With games Friday at Puerto Rico & Monday at Cuba set to lớn complete the first round of the tournamanphukhanganchau.vnt, the Americans (3-1) have already qualified for the second round, and going 2-0 in these next two games would move them closer khổng lồ a spot in the World Cup.

USA head coach Jim spoke ahead of the games.

“I’ve said this before, & if I’m repeating myself, I’m sorry, but this is the most competitive thing I’ve ever done,” said.

“And this is why: You have 10 days lớn put the team together, you have 11 days together a team, practices, travel, & you play meaningful games that we need to lớn win. You’re fighting a lot of issues. That makes it the most competitive thing.”

Embrace the challanphukhanganchau.vnge. It's officially trò chơi week for the USA's World Cup Qualifying Team! July 1 vs