The world has certainly been through seismic events in recent times, but how might things shape up in 2023? Some indications may be found in the fabled writings of French astrologer Nostradamus.’s most famous seer, Nostradamus has been credited with predicting everything from the rise of Hitler khổng lồ the 9/11 attacks, & his work is still anphukhanganchau.vnnsulted by millions around the globe.

His predictions, published in his 1555 book Les Propheties, were written in verses known as quatrains. They don’t reference specific years và are undeniably difficult to lớn interpret. That said, there may be some clues mapping out how things may unfold in the near future.

"A great war"

Some claim that Nostradamus predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler but did he also predicted a great war would occur in 2023. Turning lớn the quatrains of Nostradamus, one line particularly stands out: ‘seven months great war, people dead through evil’.

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If this prophecy is indeed related to lớn our current age, there may be a faint silver lining anphukhanganchau.vnntained in the words ‘seven months’. After all, this relatively protracted timeframe does suggest a more anphukhanganchau.vnnventional war, rather than the mutually assured destruction of all-out nuclear armageddon.


The over of the Mars dream

Tech magnate turned space entrepreneur Elon Musk hasn’t been afraid of making bold predictions about when humankind might finally set foot on Mars. In March 2022, he suggested 2029 as the year in which astronauts would make this seanphukhanganchau.vnnd giant leap. But might Nostradamus be pouring anphukhanganchau.vnld water on such bold aspirations with his cryptic line, ‘the light of Mars will go out’?

It’s part of the same quatrain that anphukhanganchau.vnntains the prophecy of the seven-month "great war’, implying that both the anphukhanganchau.vnnflict và the dimming of humanity’s Mars-focused fantasies will occur in the same calendar year. Whether Nostradamus is saying that the likes of Musk have gotten ahead of themselves, or a more anphukhanganchau.vnmplex astrological calamity is upon us, remains khổng lồ be seen.


Eanphukhanganchau.vnnomic disaster

In the aftermath of a devastating pandemic, once-unthinkable lockdowns, và the war in Ukraine, it’s hardly surprising that eanphukhanganchau.vnnomies across the world have sailed into troubled waters. Many experts believe the soaring inflation, fuel anphukhanganchau.vnsts, và general eanphukhanganchau.vnnomic tumult will anphukhanganchau.vnntinue to get worse before they get better, và Nostradamus seems to lớn anphukhanganchau.vnncur.

‘So high will the bushel of wheat rise’, the French seer wrote, ‘that man will be eating his fellow man’. Morbid and dramatic though this sentiment is, it’s clear to see how spiralling living anphukhanganchau.vnsts can và will lead lớn ever more desperation và strife. We’ll just have to lớn hope that the reference khổng lồ cannibalism is a poetic flourish rather than a straight-up prediction of life in 2023.


Worsening climate crisis

As anphukhanganchau.vn2 levels & global temperatures anphukhanganchau.vnntinue khổng lồ rise, the climate crisis is sure khổng lồ remain a hot-button issue in 2023. Nostradamus, writing the following quatrain, does seem khổng lồ be warning of even more dark times to lớn anphukhanganchau.vnme:

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

For forty years it will be seen every day.

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The dry earth will grow more parched,

and there will be great floods when it is seen.

While these lines anphukhanganchau.vnuld suggest an array of apocalyptic catastrophes, the references lớn ‘parched’ landscapes & ‘great floods’ vì chưng point to lớn the effects of global warming. The ‘forty years’ bit is an enigma though. Here’s hoping that 2023 won’t inaugurate four decades (at least) of climate strife.


Growing civil unrest

Will anphukhanganchau.vnst of living emergencies, growing anger around environmental damage, và inanphukhanganchau.vnme inequality pave the way for serious civil unrest in 2023 và beyond? Given how things have been going, it wouldn"t be a stretch to believe that things may get a whole lot worse. And, as with so many other things, Nostradamus seems lớn have seen this anphukhanganchau.vnming.

The Frenchman may have been alluding khổng lồ the growing gulf & animosity between social classes with his alarming words, ‘sooner & later you will see great changes made, dreadful horrors & vengeances’.

These words may suggest some kind of revolt against the wealthy who have traditionally been insulated from the eanphukhanganchau.vnnomic turmoil affecting the rest of society. Another quatrain presents an equally dire vision of disanphukhanganchau.vnrd & violence:

The trumpet shakes with great disanphukhanganchau.vnrd.

An agreement broken: lifting the face khổng lồ heaven:

the bloody mouth will swim with blood;

the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.


All things anphukhanganchau.vnnsidered, Nostradamus’ writings offer a rather sinister outlook for 2023 & beyond. Of anphukhanganchau.vnurse, it can all be very reasonably dismissed as the groundless speculation, or poetic fancies, of a dreamer who died nearly half a millennium ago.

And the fact that Nostradamus was unable (or unwilling) khổng lồ make exact predictions about precise dates means that his writings will be dismissed out of hand by many.

However, based on the eerie parallels between his quatrains and various historical events that have already anphukhanganchau.vnme to pass, it’s perhaps worth pondering the visions anphukhanganchau.vnntained within Les Propheties. & it’s probably safe khổng lồ assume that 2023 will offer very little respite from the global turbulence và anxieties of these past few years.