Leading paint brand Sherwin-Williams has revealed the 2023 màu sắc of the Year—and we want to lớn swaddle ourselves in swaths of this subtle take on pink (in tandem with an enthusiastic lover, of course). Redend Point SW 9081, part of Sherwin-Williams’s 2023 Colormix Forecast, is a warm, modern mauve that conjures a timeless elegance và is brimming with romance, without being extravagantly showy. Và it just might be the calming màu sắc hug we need going into next year.

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“It’s if beige could blush,” says Sue Wadden, the color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams. “It’s a pink-undertone neutral that is warm & earthy, & it has a certain softness & soothing quality to it that is really unique.”

The warm shade is a brave departure from the prior year’s cooler, more brooding tones (see 2022’s Evergreen Fog and 2021’s Urbane Bronze). Redend Point, which Sherwin-Williams describes as a “nostalgic mid-tone,” is pink-meets-gray-meets-beige. “We know neutrals have reigned supreme for the past 10 years, but now we’re seeing different interpretations of these hues,” Wadden says. “People are embracing neutral versions of greens, blues, browns—all hues that help us feel grounded. And we felt that Redend Point really broadcast how màu sắc can be not only grounding but nurturing, reassuring, & familiar.”


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Coming on the heels of Sherwin Williams’s 2023 Terra paint colors collection rollout, the new tint is a result of almost a year’s worth of research và trend forecasting. “We have an annual forecast meeting in February where we determine what will be the drivers for màu sắc trends in the upcoming season,” Wadden says. “In this year’s meeting, we really dialed into the conversation about empathy và humanity, và how we wanted the màu sắc of the Year to fall in line with this idea of being good khổng lồ each other.”

In màu sắc psychology, pink is thought lớn be associated with love & romance, even tenderness & empathy. In design, it has shown khổng lồ have a calming effect on people. In fact, sports teams have painted the opposing team’s locker pink to lớn gain a pregame psychological advantage against opponents, as the màu sắc would make the players passive và less energetic. Aside from its nurturing associations, this soulful blush-beige also has roots in the natural world và in wellness. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the màu sắc of all your yoga, meditation, and mental health apps.

Going beyond behaviorism, Sherwin-Williams’s decision to opt for this blushing hue is especially on point with our current moment. While bubblegum pink was the It màu sắc during the early 2000s (we were here for it, Brittany), the rise of minimalism in thiết kế brought with it a new pink, a grown-up pink that eschewed the neon tones of our Barbie-loving years (at least until it’s nostalgic in a cool way) with a moodier, desaturated hue. Little wonder, then, that the Terra collection offers the reassuring earth tones many of us want khổng lồ be enveloped in in our hallways & bedrooms: natural clays, sunbaked sands, restful neutrals, và this blush-beige.


Wadden suggests pairing Redend Point with nature-inspired textiles, wood tones, metallic accents, or vintage accessories, which would really pop against this muted tone. Complementary green shades pair well with this hue. Rich reds, gentle greens, muted grays, & other earth tones offer eclectic màu sắc combinations. “I’m loving the pastoral vibe with teeny little floral prints and almost a 1980s pastoral farmhouse look, but a Shaker style,” she noted. “This màu sắc rocks with that.” Whether you’re going for a more glamorous luxe look in the tune of Mara Brock Akil’s stunning rosé room in Los Angeles, a playful Palm Springs style, or an earthy bohemian look, this shade goes with many design styles that are relevant right now.

With màu sắc forecasting, Wadden says màu sắc trends don’t happen overnight. “I think it’s going to take people a little bit khổng lồ understand this màu sắc and why it’s important right now,” she says. “But I think that we’re going to lớn continue khổng lồ see this embracing of màu sắc in different ways.”

Whether you’re considering adding a touch of Redend Point detailing for your cozy reading corner, or have a hankering khổng lồ go for a continuous three-wall-color situation, this year’s màu sắc of the Year offers a little moment romantique for everyone. As for someone to tóm tắt it with—we’ll leave that one up lớn you.

Rachel Silva, the Assistant Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, covers design, architecture, trends, & anything to do with haute couture. She has previously written for Time, The Wall Street Journal, và Citywire.