Note: This article is currently being updated with the latest regarding the Revit 2023 release. Check backin a few hours khổng lồ see additional information about these new features.

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Revit 2023 is here andisfull of new features, bug fixes, và general updates that shouldbe of interest to lớn just about everyone who uses Revit.

Our team got an up-close look at the new Revit 2023release – here are the top features and updates we think are worth knowing.

New Revit Icon

You’ll probably notice before anything else that Autodesk has introduced new logos across the board, including for Revit.


The change is significant, khổng lồ say the least.

We're eager khổng lồ see how the broader thiết kế community will react to thissomewhat sharp deviation được in đè logo design – but at the very least, it might help usfinally distinguish between different versions of Revit in the taskbar.

Measure in 3D

Having to lớn change the workplane in 3d view, just to confirm a measurement is now a thing of the past.


Revit now introduces the option lớn now measure your elements inside of the 3d view making this a great improvement in workflow time-saving.

Filter by Sheet for Schedules

When it comes to lớn scheduling, getting the information displayed on what is relevant khổng lồ that sheet only can sometimes be a significant task.


With the new "Filter by Sheet" tick box that has been added to lớn the Schedules Filter Properties, your project schedules will now automatically remove the elements that does not form part for the view displayed on the sheet, & will update accordingly when views get swapped

Views in Use Identification

Visual indicators have been added in the "Project Browser" next to each view, which turns blue once aview has been placed on a sheet. This makes tracking and managing your view much easier.


Additionally, there is now a clear demonstration of the sheet the view is placed on and the detail number used to địa chỉ cửa hàng to the sheet. This indication can be seen in the View Name drop-down, in the NEW "Positioning & View" panel on the ribbon, and in"View Properties" under Identity Data.

Fill Pattern in 3d Families

This little feature now givesfamily creators và detailers the possibility to lớn create fill patterns on selected viewsfor added detailing value (3D views excluded).


This feature can be located in its usual location on the ribbonunder the Details Panel, in all family creation or edittool spaces.

Swap View

Adding information in a meaningful way onto a drawing sheet can sometimes be a challenging thing.

With the new "Positioning và View" panel on the tool ribbon, swapping views is now much easier.


By selecting a view that isplaced on a sheet, the userwill now be presented with the "Positioning và View" panel within the Modify Tab on the ribbon.


The usercan then navigate to lớn the dropdown that indicates the active selected view và select any unplaced views to swap with.


Mechanical Control Devices và Plumbing Equipment Categories

With new categories being introduced forMEP disciplines in Revit 2023, managing & scheduling the mechanical và plumbing elements in your project just got more detailed.

Mechanical & Plumbing elements will no longer be joined together under the umbrella of speciality equipment or even something as basic as a generic family.

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The Mechanical Equipment & Specialty Equipment feature has now been split into 3 categories:

Mechanical Equipment:

You can find all the mechanical equipment in this familiar category that you need, such as HVAC units.


Mechanical Control Devices:

This new category hosts all the control devices that would be used in your mechanical project, for example, Thermostats/CO² Meters/etc.



Plumbing Equipment:

Like with the control devices category that's been added to Mechanical, Plumbing also now hosts an additional new category -Plumbing Equipment. This allows you to select your plumbing equipment such as Water Heaters under the correct MEP discipline when adding them to lớn your projects.



Pick Working Plane

I believe that this item has been one of the most requested feature upgrades lớn Revit.

Now you can select your working planes in a more streamlined approach with the single "Pick Plane" feature that is introduced in this year's release.


Rebar Solid/Line Display driven by LOD

No longer is it needed to lớn change the view visibility status of rebar for it khổng lồ display as solid bars or as a line.


The View Visibility States is now driven by the Detail màn chơi settings.

Connection Automation

Revit 2023 introduces a neat new toolset addressing connection automation.

With a library of pre-defined connections as rule-based parameters, you will no longer needto run through the project, deleting unwanted "over propagated" connections hiding at every corner of the model.

By selecting the "Connections và Automation feature", found in the Connections Panel under both the Structure and Steel Tabs of the tool Ribbon, you will be promptedby what seems khổng lồ be a Dynamo Driven Toolset.


Inside of this neat new toolset, you will then select the desired connection type to lớn populate your project.


Then you canfollow the required instructions in the properties thiết lập of the selected connection type & select "Run" for the script khổng lồ execute the scene & distribution of connections.


Propagate Rebar

Finally, here isone tool that is going to lớn change the game for rebar modelling.

We have used the steel connection propagate function before, and it is a big help in getting the connections distributed throughout aproject.


To propagate the rebar placements, select the first placed set, right-click & watch Revit place the rebar in all concrete elements that consist of the same valued parameters as the original concrete element.

Have a favorite feature in Revit 2023?Let us know in the comments.

Not going lớn update khổng lồ Revit 2023 just yet? kiểm tra out our other overviews of Revit 2022, Revit 2021, and Revit 2020.

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