If you are looking for “Vedanta Ltd mô tả price targets” for upcoming years you are in the right place. Before we dive into Vedanta Ltd stock price targets, Let’s understand the Vedanta Ltd company background, technical fundamentals etc.

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About Vedanta Ltd Limited

Vedanta Limited is a company that deals with metal production. They produce a wide variety of metals, including aluminum, copper, và zinc. The company has a rich history dating back lớn the early 20th century. It was founded by Mr. Ewart Grogan in 1916.

Vedanta Limited is one of the largest producers of metals and mining in India. The company has a strong presence in the domestic market as well as in the international market. Vedanta Limited is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India và the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company has a market capitalization of over US$ 15 billion.

Vedanta Limited has a diversified portfolio of businesses. The company’s businesses are broadly classified into two segments: Metals & Mining, & Oil & Gas.

Fundamentals of Vedanta Ltd

Let’s look at the fundamentals of Vedanta Ltd, based on which we can get a clear understanding of the expertise in the metal & mining sector

Current Market Cap:The current market cap of Vedanta Ltd as of September 13 2022, is ₹ 1,00,494.48 Cr.

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P/E Ratio:The current price to earning ratio of Vedanta Ltd is 6.45Sales Growth:Sales growth over the period of time for Vedanta Ltd is 4.41%Profit Growth:Profit growth is around 256.02 % over the period of time

Vedanta Ltd Price Target Details

We have done a complete analysis of Vedanta Ltd và have come up with its nói qua price targets for upcoming years.

Vedanta Ltd Price TradingView Chart Analysis

Note:These price targets of “Vedanta Ltd” are only for reference purposes. This prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, và any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis.

Year Vedanta Ltd nói qua Price Targets (₹)

Vedanta Ltd nói qua price target 2022

After analysing the chart deeply by taking the monthly time frame analysis on the trading view chart of Vedanta Ltd we found

The target mô tả price of Vedanta Ltd for the year 2022 will be ₹300

Vedanta Ltd mô tả price target 2023

The target cốt truyện price of Vedanta Ltd for the year 2023 will be ₹340

Vedanta Ltd chia sẻ price target 2024

The target cốt truyện price of Vedanta Ltd for the year 2024 will be ₹410

Vedanta Ltd giới thiệu price target 2025

The target tóm tắt price of Vedanta Ltd for the year 2025 will be ₹490

Vedanta Ltd tóm tắt price target 2026

The target price of Vedanta Ltd for the year 2027 will be ₹550

Vedanta Ltd tóm tắt price target 2027 lớn 2030

The target nói qua price of Vedanta Ltd for the years 2027, 2028, 2029, và 2030 will be ₹680, ₹810, ₹1400, & ₹1800 respectively.



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