New Infotainment system

The current generation Fortuner gets an 8-inch infotainment system with smartphone connectivity. It also gets essential connected oto tech that adds to the convenience features of the car. However, the overall user experience is laggy along with a basic UI. The display unique is also not up khổng lồ par with a lower refresh rate. Toyota has to improve the infotainment of the car and hopefully, we can expect a bigger và better unit in the new upcoming Fortuner.

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New Instrument Cluster

Lower segment cars have started to lớn offer a digital unit which the Toyota certainly lacks. The Fortuner, being an over 50 lakh rupees car gets an analogue setup which looks great but lacks information. The Japanese automaker should give the Fortuner a new instrument cluster kiến thiết or at least a semi-digital unit. Salient features like this could improve the premium quotient of the car & make buyers happier.

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New Upcoming Fortuner features – Sunroof

The sunroof has become one of the most important features of a new car. Automakers have also started to add this feature irrespective of the car segment. Such is the demand for this feature that even some hatchbacks have it. On the other hand, there is Fortuner, being a luxury SUV it doesn’t have one. Though some reports say that Toyota departs from the sunroof as it obstructs the reliability factor. However, as there is a high demand for it between the Fortuner buyers, there are high chances that the new oto could get it.

New Upcoming Fortuner features – 360-degree camera

Fortuner measures 4795mm in length và certainly is a big full-size SUV. Having a 360-degree parking camera would be a great boon for parking the oto in tight spaces and managing its cramped conditions. It is a nifty feature to have and all big cars should start lớn have it.