The newest release of AutoCAD, codenamed "Turing" with official release March 29, 2022.

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This is the 37th version of AutoCAD. Previous AutoCAD version AutoCAD 2022.

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New and/or enhanced functions

New and/or enhanced functions

Markup Import & Markup Assist

Markup Import và Markup Assist use machine learning lớn identify markups and provide a way lớn view and insert drawing revisions with less manual effort.

Markups can be imported as a PDF, PNG, or JPG & are overlaid on vị trí cao nhất of your drawing in the Trace workspace. Markups in the imported tệp tin are automatically identified as mtext, mleaders, and revision clouds. Markup Assist lets you insert those identified markups into the drawing as geometry.


New Commands

MARKUPASSIST - Analyzes an imported markup và can help place text callouts và revision clouds faster & with less manual effort.

MARKUPIMPORT - Imports a marked up drawing (image/pdf) in-place into your DWG as a new trace.

New System Variables

MARKUPASSISTMODE - Controls whether identified markups are highlighted.

MARKUPPAPERDISPLAY - Indicates whether or not a digital markup is currently active.

MARKUPPAPERTRANSPARENCY - Controls the màn chơi of transparency when a digital markup is active.

My Insights: Macro Advisor

Macro insights are suggested command macros intended to lớn help you be more productive.

A command macro contains a sequence of commands & system variables that help to automate tasks you perform frequently when working in AutoCAD. AutoCAD generates macro insights based on your quality command usage. Use the Command Macros palette to lớn view, try, & save suggested command macros. Command macros can be added to the Saved tab of the Command Macros palette for use & then even added to the ribbon.


New Commands

COMMANDMACROS - Opens the Command Macros palette from which you can manage & use command macro recommendations.

COMMANDMACROSCLOSE - Closes the Command Macros palette.

New System Variables

COMMANDMACROSSTATE - Indicates whether the Command Macros palette is mở cửa or closed.

MACROINSIGHTSSUPPORT - Controls whether macro insights can be received based on the command sequences you execute.

MACRONOTIFY - Controls the notification for macro insights.


You can now create traces in desktop và contribute khổng lồ traces created by others.


New Commands

TRACEEDIT - Changes the active trace lớn edit mode so you can contribute lớn the trace.

TRACEVIEW - Changes the active trace lớn view mode so you edit the parent drawing.


You can now count instances of an object or blocks within a specified area.


New Commands

COUNTAREA - Defines the area khổng lồ count the instances of an object or block.

COUNTAREACLOSE - Cancels the count selection area.

SELECTCOUNT - Finds all objects within the current count that match the properties of the selected objects, và then adds them khổng lồ the selection set.

Changed Commands

COUNT - Counts & highlights the instances of the selected object in the drawing.

Floating Drawing Windows

Improvements include the following:

An anchored command window now stays with the active drawing window.A floating command window maintains its position.If drawing windows overlap, the active drawing window displays on top.You can pin sạc a drawing window khổng lồ a location. A pinned drawing window remains on đứng top of the main AutoCAD application window.Right-click the title bar of a floating drawing window for additional options.


3D Graphics

This release includes the new cross platform 3d graphics system, leveraging all the power nguồn of modern GPUs và multi-core CPUs to offer a smooth navigation experience for much larger drawings.

This graphics system is available for Shaded và Shaded with Edges visual styles and is on by default.

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Activating and Deactivating

By default, the graphics system is ON. Lớn turn it OFF, enter FASTSHADEDMODE at the command line.

In the Shaded or Shaded with Edges visual styles, (Fast) is shown in the viewport control to lớn indicate that the modern 3 chiều graphics system is being used.


The modern graphics system does not currently tư vấn the following features:

Point cloudsMaterialsGeolocation (maps)Large coordinatesCustomization of visual styles

It is also limited to model space. In paper space, a viewport continues to lớn use the existing graphics system.

New System Variables

FASTSHADEDMODE - Specifies whether the new cross platform 3 chiều graphics system is turned on or off.

2D Graphics Display

This release of AutoCAD includes a new graphic engine, which provides a better display effect on some high-end GPUs.


The new graphics engine provides:

Improved zoom & pan performance for drawings with many TrueType texts, long polylines, or solid hatches in 2d Wireframe Visual StyleGPU memory usage has been optimized when opening multiple drawings in DirectX 12 modeRemoved support for DirectX 9

Sheet phối Manager for Autodesk Docs

Manage sheet sets from Autodesk Docs using the new Sheet phối Manager for Web.


A light version of the legacy Sheet set Manager, the Sheet phối Manager for Web, displays and manages named collections of drawing sheets stored in Autodesk Docs. Opening a DST file from Autodesk Docs displays the Sheet mix Manager for web by default.

The Sheet mix Manager for web provides the following chip core capabilities:Create & remove sheets and subsetsDefine sheet set properties including sheets & subsetsPublish sheet sets lớn PDFTransmit sheet sets

New System Variable

SSMDETECTMODE - Determines which Sheet mix Manager is displayed when opening cloud-based DST files.

Drawing and Layout Tabs

Changes khổng lồ the drawing & layout tabs make it easier to tell which drawing and layout is active. Changes also make it easier to lớn see which drawing is active on the drawing tab overflow menu.


Improvements include the following:

Modern look for drawing and layout tabs.The active tab is highlighted.The active drawing is checked on the drawing overflow menu.
Note: Hover over a non-active drawing tab to display its close button.


The new CUTBASE command copies selected objects khổng lồ the Clipboard, along with a specified base point, and removes them from the drawing.


Click Home tab > Clipboard panel > Cut with Base Point.Specify the base point on the drawing.Select the objects you want to lớn cut và press Enter.

Use PASTECLIP to specify the insertion point when pasting the objects into other drawings.

Polyline Extend

A new grip option, Extend Vertex, adds a new vertex to lớn your polyline extending from the selected over grip. You no longer have to lớn reverse the polyline direction.


The existing showroom Vertex option could showroom the vertex between the end & the previous vertex. It depended on the direction the polyline was drawn.

With the new Extend Vertex grip option, the vertex is always extended from the selected kết thúc grip, no matter which direction the polyline was drawn.

MLEADER Enhancement

The MLEADER command now has an option lớn select an existing mtext object lớn use for the new leader.


Note: If your mleader style has a mặc định text value, the Mtext option is not available.

Additional enhancements

Insert Block: The Block Redefine dialog box provides an option khổng lồ rename a block when the specified block name already exists in the drawing.

Options Dialog Box: A new task dialog prompts you khổng lồ either save or discard the changes made when you attempt khổng lồ close or cancel the Options dialog box.

Isolation Mode: The object selection is now maintained when you exit isolation mode.

New Drawing: Hovering over the New drop-down on the Start tab, displays a tooltip with the name of the drawing template file that will be used.

Customer Error Reporting (CER): Your thư điện tử address is now automatically filled in when an error report is generated.

Multi-core Background Publishing: The publish option "Include Hyperlinks" is now supported when publishing a Multi-sheet PDF tệp tin using background publishing.

API & more for Programmers

For LISP và VBA, most all apps should work on AutoCAD 2023 without change.

In this registry location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAutodeskAutoCADR24.2ACAD-6101:409

AcadLocation và Location now ends with a backslash

Thus existing code lượt thích this will fail:

(strcat (vl-registry-read (strcat "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\" (vlax-product-key)) "ACADLOCATION") "\support")

Needs khổng lồ be changed to:


(vl-string-right-trim "\" (vl-registry-read (strcat "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\" (vlax-product-key)) "ACADLOCATION")) "\support")

API Compatibility

AutoCAD 2023 maintains (forward) binary compatibility with AutoCAD 2022 and shouldn"t require a recompilation of your ObjectARX 2022 applications. ObjectARX applications developed for AutoCAD 2020 and earlier releases must be recompiled before they can be used with AutoCAD 2023-based products.

Development Environment