The mở cửa Enrollment Period (OEP) is your opportunity lớn get a healthcare plan through the state or federal exchanges, or get a new plan if you don’t lượt thích your current one.

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What is the annual mở cửa Enrollment Period?

The annual open Enrollment Period is a set window of time when you can enroll in various major medical health insurance plans or ACA-compliant health insurance plans. During this time, not only can you sign up for health insurance, you can also make adjustments lớn your current plan or even cancel your plan. The mở cửa Enrollment Period is typically consistent across all US states, but some states will opt khổng lồ have their OEPs start earlier. These states are usually not a part of the federal marketplace và instead have state-run marketplaces. To lớn see xuất hiện Enrollment dates in your area, check out our list of mở cửa Enrollment dates in every state.

Why vì chưng we have an open enrollment period?

The annual open Enrollment Period was put into place to discourage adverse selection – which happens when sick people sign up for health insurance và healthy people vì chưng not. It greatly skews the amount of financial risk a health plan takes when insuring customers. It also helps protect people from the risk of not having health insurance when they incur expensive, unexpected medical care or have an existing chronic condition. The Affordable Care Act even once required health insurance under the individual mandate provision. If you did not have minimum essential coverage, you were subject to lớn a tax penalty unless you had a reason for exemption. The individual mandate no longer applies at the federal level, but there are still some states that require health insurance. During an xuất hiện Enrollment Period, individuals cannot be turned down for ACA-compliant health insurance because of their health status. Take advantage of the annual mở cửa Enrollment Period lớn enroll in a health care plan that meets your needs.

When is the annual mở cửa Enrollment Period?


The federal xuất hiện Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2022 through January 15, 2023 for health insurance coverage beginning in 2023. In order lớn get coverage starting January 1, 2023, you will need khổng lồ sign up by December 15, 2022. However, not all states participate in the federal exchange and have their own annual mở cửa Enrollment Period. If you live in a state with its own exchange, you’ll have to check the health insurance trang web for your state khổng lồ find out when the open Enrollment Period starts and ends.

The 14 states operating state-based exchanges at this time are:

CaliforniaColoradoConnecticutIdahoKentuckyMaineMarylandMassachusettsMinnesotaNevadaNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkPennsylvaniaRhode IslandVermontWashington DCWashington

As a general rule, most of these states have the same open Enrollment Period as the federal exchange (i.e., November 1 through January 15), but there are a few states that have announced permanent extended xuất hiện enrollment periods. California, Colorado, và Washington DC have announced permanent extended xuất hiện enrollment periods.

When does the xuất hiện Enrollment Period end?

The OEP for the federal exchange ends on January 15, 2023, but some states close the exchange on January 23, 2023, while others go to lớn January 31, 2023. Other types of insurance have xuất hiện Enrollment Periods, but they’re different from ACA mở cửa Enrollment.

Massachusetts’ xuất hiện enrollment will run from November 1, 2022 through January 23, 2023New Jersey’s open enrollment continues through January 31, 2023.California, Washington D.C., Kentucky, New York, Washington, and Rhode Island have not formally announced their ACA mở cửa enrollment deadlines for the 2023 plan year.

States with state-run marketplaces that have extended open enrollment in the past but have not permanently extended the open enrollment period include Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, và Washington.

How long is the xuất hiện Enrollment Period?


The federal annual mở cửa Enrollment Period is 45 days long. The open Enrollment Period varies in length when it comes to lớn states that have their own permanent extended mở cửa Enrollment Period.

What are the exceptions to open Enrollment?

Unless you experience a qualifying life event, the mở cửa Enrollment Period is the only time you can enroll in health insurance plans.

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If you are suddenly losing health care coverage due khổng lồ divorce or any other major changes in your life, however, you may be qualified to lớn enroll in a health plan during a Special Enrollment Period. A Special Enrollment Period will allow you lớn get health insurance either 60 day before or after a qualifying event.

Keep in mind that if you thua trận coverage because of failure to pay insurance premiums, you will not qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.


How long are Special Enrollment Periods?

Unlike mở cửa Enrollment Periods that happen at around the same time each year, the timing of Special Enrollment Periods depends on your circumstances. They are typically 60-days long và will allow you lớn purchase major medical insurance.


Open Enrollment for different types of health insurance

There are different xuất hiện Enrollment dates for all major types of health insurance. Enrollment on the federal exchange for an ACA plan lasts 10 weeks and begins on November 1, 2022, while mở cửa Enrollment for the various Medicare Parts depends on which Part you’re trying khổng lồ obtain. Last, but not least, enrollment through an employer depends on the time of the month you enroll.


Medicare has an initial xuất hiện Enrollment Period that begins three months before your 65th birthday, lasts for your birth month, & continues three months past your birthday for a total of seven months. This enrollment period is for Medicare plans Part A & B, but both parts have different open Enrollment Periods. You are miễn phí to sign up for Part A anytime after your 65th birthday, but if you fail khổng lồ sign up for either part, there’s a Special Enrollment Period between January 1 and March 31 for parts A and B.

For other parts of Medicare, there is an annual fall xuất hiện Enrollment Period khổng lồ obtain or change your current Medicare plan. You can join Medicare Part D, or switch back lớn Original Medicare from Medicare Advantage during the xuất hiện Enrollment. The fall xuất hiện Enrollment plan for Medicare starts on October 15 & runs through December 7 each year.

Affordable Care Act

The open Enrollment Period for the Affordable Care Act begins November 1, 2022 and closes on January 15, 2023. The exact dates change every year, and some states have their own mở cửa Enrollment Period. You can’t get health insurance through an exchange after the enrollment period ends unless you experience a qualifying life event. They include:

Loss of existing health insurance coverageChange in household statusChange in residence such as to lớn a different ZIP code or countyChange in income that affects the coverage you qualify forRelease from incarcerationAmeriCorps member who’s beginning or finishing serviceBecoming a thành viên of a federally recognized tribeBecoming a U.S. Citizen

Insurance from employer

There is no open Enrollment Period for health insurance obtained through an employer. However, if you enroll between the 1st và 15th of the month, your insurance coverage begins the following month. Enrolling between the 16th & 30th/31st day of the month results in your insurance taking effect the month after the next one.

Is there an xuất hiện Enrollment for dental insurance?

There is no open Enrollment for other insurance products such as dental and vision. These plans – as well as accident, short-term, & other types of insurance – are available to lớn purchase year around.

Is it possible khổng lồ make changes outside of open Enrollment?

No, you can’t make changes outside of open Enrollment và you can’t enroll outside of a qualifying life event. If you find you need a health insurance policy outside of the mở cửa Enrollment Period, you can get something known as a short-term health insurance policy. A short-term health insurance policy provides you with coverage for your health insurance needs and lasts up to lớn 364 days in most cases.

How to lớn sign up for health insurance with eHealth

You can learn more about your health insurance options using the eHealth plan finder, và see all individual và family health insurance plans available where you live. EHealth makes it convenient for you to compare & enroll in health insurance on & off the federal and state marketplaces. EHealth’s licensed insurance agents and brokers are available to lớn help you và provide the expertise you may need. EHealth services are miễn phí of charge, & you are under no obligation lớn purchase.