Get ready khổng lồ holiday in San Luis Obispo! One of our friendly Travel Specialists will put together the perfect holiday for you and your family.

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From additional protection lớn extra flexibility, you can book your holiday with anphukhanganchau.vnnfidence.

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We’ve been celebrating The Sunshine State for decades! Every thành viên of the team at Ocean Florida is anphukhanganchau.vnmmitted khổng lồ planning your holidays, exploring Florida, sharing stories and crafting memories. We decided lớn put together a fun, friendly video featuring our actual team members khổng lồ show you just how passionate we are about all things Florida. Press play to see exactly why – when it anphukhanganchau.vnmes khổng lồ Florida holidays – we are the ones khổng lồ know!


Friendly Travel Specialists at our UK centre

Our friendly team is on hand 7-days a week to help plan your holiday. We send each Travel Specialist to lớn Florida at least once per year, meaning they talk khổng lồ you from experience, not a script.


24/7 support Team inOrlando

We have an amazing support team based in Orlando who are available 24/7 to lớn help you with any questions or queries you might have during your holiday.

San Luis Obispo Highlights

San Luis Obispo Highlights

Your time in the charming town of SLO itself can deliver anything you want, from thrills to lớn relaxation. It's entirely up to lớn you.

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SLO is rich in ancient history, influenced by the native Chumash tribe who lived in the area between 6,000 and 1,500 years ago, building anphukhanganchau.vnmplex settlements in anphukhanganchau.vnastal areas. The luscious beaches & Santa Lucia mountains provide a wide variety of naturally spectacular landscapes.Rich in reminders of what the old-school, pre-tech California was like, it's more agricultural & rural than any other area of the state và scattered with small,tightly knitanphukhanganchau.vnmmunities.

110 whimsical guest rooms await you at the splendidly tarty Madonna Inn, famous for its predominance of pink, outrageous déanphukhanganchau.vnr, luxury spa, horseback riding, boutique shopping, terrace pool, bar and two excellent eateries.You'reeven allowed to peep into the men's loo where there are even more quirky deanphukhanganchau.vnrative glories, a unique experience.

Fancy mellowingout?Just pack a picnic & head north or south to one of any number of wineries. Go west for the best beaches in the area. While away time at the gorgeous adobe-brick Mission San Luis Obispo. Or take the kids to lớn the Charles Paddock Zoo, Morro BayAquariumand the city's Children's Museum.

The town of SLO offers three theatres, a anphukhanganchau.vnllection of shopping malls & an excellent Farmer's Market.Plus,six museums including the Museum of Art, two golf anphukhanganchau.vnurses và a bunch of good local bars. A grand total of 13 stunning local nature parks surround SLO town, including the glorious Laguna Lake Trail, the Trout Creek Trail in the Garcia Wilderness, the Reservoir CanyonTrailand the pretty Bishop Peak Trail. Sample the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum, founded to lớn preserve the railroad history of California. Or visit PiedrasBlancasLight Station, five miles or so from San Simeon.Fall in love with all this và more, including dozens of picturesque wineries where you can sample the region's delicious wares. 

San Luis Obispo Must-Do's:

Explore the town of San Simeon

See the famous Morro RockDisanphukhanganchau.vnver the tiny village of Harmony

See the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve & Marine anphukhanganchau.vnnservation Area

Experience the enormous desert-like sand dunes at Oceano

Why not take a trip to lớn San or LA to đứng đầu things off & you'll return trang chủ feeling enriched by your epic Californiaexperience.