If you’re new khổng lồ drafting và design you’re probably familiar with Revit by now, or you at least heard of it. AutoCAD has been around since the 1980s & since its introduction has eventually become ingrained in the DNA of most design firms và offices & has become an integral part of the day-to-day activities of the design process. Is it time to lớn change from AutoCAD lớn Revit? kiểm tra the infographic. It was almost 20 years later that Revit Families was introduced khổng lồ the public.

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Its acceptance in the design & construction industry was a gradual one but over time more và more professionals began making the transition or included Revit in their workflow. So, why switch lớn BIM? Recently, BIM achieved great benefits in the process of architectural thiết kế by saving time và money. In the last 10 years, it showed positive effects on the life-cycle of the building starting from its design phase lớn its demolishing! Here is a danh mục of 30 useful websites for BIM design software users that might help.

We all need good content to populate our models, and if they are không tính phí then even better! Here we are trying to help the Revit community by adding up a danh mục of the most valuable resources to tải về Revit Families for free.


Websites to download Revit Families for free:

1. BIMsmith Market

2. RevitCity

RevitCity is not just a place to lớn download không lấy phí Revit families, but it is also a central place where you can get your questions answered, nói qua your latest ideas or creations, and easily find the nội dung you are looking for.

3. RBI Water Heaters

Mestek has created a library of BIM objects for không lấy phí download and use by the kiến thiết community. Objects are available in the Autodesk Revit MEP.RFA format & many objects are also stored as.ZIP files. Please lưu ý that some objects require the saving of both an.RFA file & a.TXT tệp tin in order to lớn function correctly.

4. BIM Object

BIMObject is one of the world’s largest và fastest-growing digital nội dung management systems for BIM objects. According to lớn the website, you can tải về 33,837 hàng hóa families, 244,292 parametric BIM objects, and 16,493,712 products.

 5. Smart BIM Library

Another pretty good site with a large range, & easy-to-find Revit families. Both manufacturer-specific and generic content, this is a great site to kiểm tra out.

6. CAD Forum

CADforum has a CAD/BIM block library with more than 13.000 blocks. Also, it has some tips for AutoCAD 2017, Revit 2017, và Inventor 2017.

7. Modlar

Modlar has a large collection of manufacturer-specific products khổng lồ use with your projects. It is all completely free, you just need lớn be signed in to download the files.

8. SpecifiedBy (UK)

This is a great resource for manufacturer-specific nội dung from a huge range of hàng hóa categories. They claim to lớn have “the largest library of BIM nội dung in the UK”, và the site is easy lớn navigate, search, and filter lớn find exactly what you’re looking for.


For CAD và BIM resources, ARCAT is a one-stop shop. Their free, no registration system has everything from concrete to pollution control system.

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9. BIMetica (Spanish)

Again, another BIM library with a large amount of Revit families. Some categories are empty however which can be annoying!

10. The National BIM Library

The National Bim Library offers a collection of miễn phí to tải về generic BIM components that are compatible with the major BIM products. NBS are better known for their specifications but have taken a strong interest in BIM recently. The library is still a little sparse but the basics are in place for a very useful resource.

11. RevitComponents

Some useful không tính tiền components are especially strong on furniture & interiors.

12. TurboSquid

This site offers components that you pay for but there is a small number of không lấy phí items. TurboSquihasve a Revit certification system that ensures the components meet minimum standards. Compare the prices to the time you might spend modeling the items.

13. BIM Catalogs

A good place to find manufacturer-specific content, a bit hard to navigate and find products without knowing the manufacturer first. Worth a look, however.

14. Polantis

This site offers a huge range of 3d content, however a lot of the Revit families are not “true” Revit families, in the sense they have been created in other 3d programs and just imported & saved as a Revit Family file. Good site if you’re just after nội dung for visualization purposes.

15. BIMbox

Another great site from the UK, BIMbox has a decent amount of Revit nội dung available for miễn phí download. Most of the nội dung is geared towards interiors (Sofas, Tables, Shelving, etc.) & the site is well presented. Most Revit nội dung is IFC compliant which is great.

16. Familit

RFA files are family files that can either be loaded using Revit family manager into a project or saved externally. At the moment familit.com offers 18.000 miễn phí families in English, German and French language.

17. BIM Catalogs

A good place khổng lồ find manufacturer-specific content, a bit hard to navigate and find products without knowing the manufacturer first. Worth a look, however.

18. Bimstore

The Bimestore offers a library of BIM content by manufacturers in Revit, Microstation, and ArchiCAD format. The content is không lấy phí to download. You will need lớn register on the site first. They have an excellent guide to nội dung creation.

19. CAD Notes

Very useful trang web maintained by Edwin Prakoso on everything related khổng lồ AutoCAD, Microstation, và Revit.

20. RubySketch

This site has a lot of SketchUp content – but also a whole heap of Revit families as well. A diverse range of products, with lots of Mechanical & Plumbing fixtures.