Seat of the Roman Empire, leading light of the Renaissance & fervent advocate of la bella vita, Italy is renowned for its art, architecture, style and passion. Such is the depth of Italy’s cultural treasures, even the most modest church façade can hide work by the likes of Michelangelo. Our Italy specialists draw on their deep-seated connections with the country lớn help you unravel Italy’s well-known highlights, from Rome"s ancient Colosseum to the untouched medieval towns of Tuscany & the lagoon city of Venice.

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They also use their first-hand knowledge lớn show you Italy"s lesser-known ways of life. You might find yourself truffle hunting with an expert and his dog in Tuscany’s hillsides, sampling street food in Palermo, Sicily, exploring the characterful villages of Puglia, or hiking through terraces of vines to lớn reach the tiny villages of Liguria’s Cinque Terre. Whether you explore great cities, alpine lakes, or Roman relics, our specialists can help you unlock the hidden secrets và create the perfect vacation to Italy.

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Italy by region

If you’re planning lớn focus your time in Italy around a particular area, you can jump into the region you're most interested in to lớn find detailed itinerary ideas together with accommodation choices and a taster of the experiences we can offer.

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Our expert guides khổng lồ traveling in Italy

Written by our specialists from the viewpoint of their own travels, these guides will help you decide on the shape of your own trip to Italy. Aiming to lớn inspire & inform, we chia sẻ our recommendations for how to lớn appreciate Italy at its best.


Introducing Italy

Watch our short đoạn phim that looks at Italy"s many highlights such as its varied scenery, culture and rich history.

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