Expense Ratio Discount or Premium to NAV Total Assets Under Management 30-Day Average Daily Volume Dividend Yield Turnover Ratio 1 Year Fund màn chơi Flows Max Drawdown (All)
1.29% -3.54% 73.17M 12094.03
3.87% 70.00% -- upgrade

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Investment Strategy
The Fund will attempt khổng lồ strike a balance between the two objectives, seeking khổng lồ provide as high a level of current income as is consistent with the Fund’s overall credit performance, the declining average maturity of its portfolio strategy & its objective of returning the Original NAV on or about the Termination Date. Recent market conditions và the presence of certain defaulted và distressed securities have materially increased the risk associated with achieving the Fund’s objective to return Original NAV.

Security Type Closed-End Fund
Equity Style --
Fixed Income Style Low Quality/Limited Sensitivity
Broad Asset Class Taxable Bond
Broad Category Fixed Income
Category Name High Yield Bond
Category Index ICE BofA US High Yield TR USD
Prospectus Objective Income
Fund Owner Firm Name Nuveen Fund Advisors, LLC.

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Prospectus Benchmark Index
Bloomberg US HY 1-5Y Cash Pay 2% TR USD 100.0%
Broad Asset Class Benchmark Index
^BBUSATR 100.0%
Manager Tenure
Kevin Lorenz 3.52 yrs
Christopher Williams 2.12 yrs
Jake Fitzpatrick 2.12 yrs

Alpha (5Y) upgrade
Beta (5Y) nâng cấp
Annualized Standard Deviation of Monthly Returns (5Y Lookback) upgrade
Historical Sharpe Ratio (5Y) nâng cấp

Historical Sortino (5Y) tăng cấp
Max Drawdown (5Y) --
Monthly Value at Risk (VaR) 5% (5Y Lookback) tăng cấp