Like many a carmaker these days, Mercedes-Benz is largely pursuing a strategy of offering the same flavor of automobile in different sizes. The new all-electric EQE và EQS look almost identical, và you can bet their future SUV siblings will as well; the GT & GT 4-Door could be confused for one another from the front if you didn"t have them side-by-side for reference. It"s even present in their naming strategy; there"s a reason Mercedes rebranded the GLK-, ML- và GL-Class SUVs as GLC, GLE và GLS, and it ain"t because their badge supplier was offering a giảm giá khuyến mãi on the letters G & L.

But there"s precedent for this move at Mercedes — and it"s the C-Class. Even more than the E-Class, which often has a bit of its own distinct thiết kế flavor (remember the quad-headlight era of the 1990s?), the compact C has long been a shrunken-down version of the range-topping S-Class in looks and vibe.

So, with an all-new C-Class hitting the streets this spring for the 2023 model year, we took it for a spin in upstate thủ đô new york to see if it still manages lớn serve up S-Class vibes at a Ford Mustang GT price.

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What makes the 2023 C-Class special?


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The biggest difference versus the S-Class is the back seat, however. That"s no surprise — the S is 21.2 inches longer & has a 13.4-inch-longer wheelbase — but the C"s second row winds up being tight enough as khổng lồ be almost unusable for grown humans. With the driver"s seat pushed back khổng lồ a comfortable, but not extreme, position for my six-foot-four frame, there wasn"t even enough room behind me khổng lồ slip my midsize backpack between the back of my seat và the back bench cushion; legs would be pretty much impossible.

Granted, this won"t be a problem for everyone; if you"re not of great stature, or if you use your back seat primarily for carrying groceries, luggage and / or pets, the C-Class will work quite well for you. But if your driving plans involve conveying three or more people of above-average height, you"ll probably want to lớn seek another mode of transport.


The compact luxury sedan category may not be the hotbed of excitement it once was — as with many things, you can blame the rise of SUVs for that — but there are still plenty of comparable options for this kích thước and price. The BMW 3 Series, of course, is first and foremost; Audi would love to show potential C-Class buyers something in an A4; Cadillac offers both the CT4 and CT5, depending on whether you value space or price more; Volvo has the S60, Genesis has the G70, Infiniti has the Q50, Acura has the TLX, Lexus has the ES và the IS. & of course, there"s the Tesla model 3, which offers an electric take on the same basic idea of a not-too-large luxury sedan.

Still, while each of those offers benefits distinct unto themselves, none of them has a three-pointed star on the nose. That would likely be enough to lớn move plenty of units no matter how good the new C-Class is; luckily for buyers, though, Mercedes made sure the new version remains very much worthy of that badge.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz C300

Base Price: $44,600

Powertrain: 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four; nine-speed automatic; rear- or all-wheel-drive

Horsepower: 255

Torque: 295 lb-ft

EPA Fuel Economy: Not yet rated

Seats: "Five"


The S-Class of electric cars proves every bit worthy of sitting atop the Mercedes lineup.