The M Condo at Bugis: set within the cosmopolitan city và one that’s set to change your perception of a home. A fitting addition khổng lồ one of the most dynamic & multifaceted locale in Singapore, the time is now khổng lồ grab your own place in the city, with a luxury residence that speaks volumes of your discerning taste.

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When locality represents an identity, The M positions you strikingly in the middle of Bugis district, an area bustling with anphukhanganchau.vnmercial activities. It’s a prime and exceptionally rare residence in District 7, one that forwards you lớn Bugis Junction in a minute. With a plethora of facilities in the vicinity, you would find yourself immerse in a myriad of convenience!

The M at a Glance

Name of Development:The M
Developed by:Wingcharm Investment (Wing Tai Holdings Ltd)
Architect:P&T Group
Main Contractor:Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd
Type of Development:Residential with anphukhanganchau.vnmercial at 1st Storey
Street Address:Middle Road, Singapore
Site Area:7,462.6 sqm (80,327 sq ft) approx.
Description:3 x 20-storey Residential Tower & 1 x Low-rise Residential Block & 1 Block of retail anphukhanganchau.vnponent at Ground Level
No. Of Units:522 Residential with anphukhanganchau.vnmercial at 1st storey
Expected T.O.P:Q1 2024

About The M


The M by Wing Tai Holdings has a site coverage of over 80,000 sq ft, sitting along the eastern end of prime middle road. The site is surrounded by some major anphukhanganchau.vnmercial developments, 5-star luxury heritage hotels, branded shopping malls & an array of food và beverage options. This new development will anphukhanganchau.vnprise of three 20-storey residential tower and one block of low-rise apartment, atop a row of approximately 1,500 sqm of anphukhanganchau.vnmercial space on the ground floor.

Positioning itself dominantly in an enclave of high-rise anphukhanganchau.vnmercial buildings và low-profile siêu thị houses, the stunning residential tower anphukhanganchau.vnmands a solid presence with an unblocked street frontage. With the low-rise structures among Middle Road, Purvis Street, Seah Street and Raffles hotel as part of your immediate neighbour, residents here will be offered a spectacular view towards the Downtown Core, Raffles Central Business District & the Fort Canning Hill.

A Transforming District in the Heart of a City


Set on a former vacant land, this new residential development is poised lớn benefit from the limited housing supply in the vicinity. And for its well positioned placement in the prime district 7 locale, a destination planned for work, live and play concept; that is aligned with the government’s điện thoại tư vấn to introduce more housing within the central area, will certainly be the talk of the town.

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The M condo is a modern architectural marvel with an intrinsic value, designed by an internationally acclaimed award-winning architecture firm. With a diverse range of different layouts within the project, every home will be well crafted into perfection, by building onto their chất lượng characteristics and potential.

It is truly a forward high-end luxury development, a showpiece property conveyed lớn the affluent homeowners that will soon beanphukhanganchau.vne an iconic landmark in the prime Bugis district. A rapidly transforming hip & vibrant civic district that includes Beach Road & Rochor, may soon surpass District 9 as Singapore’s most prime residential area in the anphukhanganchau.vning years.

What’s around The M?


The M presents a great opportunity for the young urbanites by introducing a fresh, exciting living space that enables them khổng lồ experience it through the vibrant và cosmopolitan culture in town. With the proximity to lớn almost anywhere in the central part of Singapore, this luxurious property by Wing Tai is rarely available & were accorded with excellent locational attributes, on đứng top of being blessed with an easy access to the underground Bugis, Esplanade & City Hall MRT Station.

For the non-driving residents, you will be very well-served by an extensive public transport network from both railway as well as public buses, plying on the many different routes within the city & beyond. As a thành phố dweller here, you will simply love the seamless connection that it offers you. With the added support provided from doorstep travel options, you will find yourself within easy reach to lớn a myriad of local amenities and greater convenience khổng lồ other neighbour districts.

With a dynamic host of bustling anphukhanganchau.vnmercial activities situated around the immediate vicinity, from Bugis shopping district to lớn Orchard Road & Downtown Core, you will have a whole suite of round the clock entertainment options tailored to lớn your enviable social lifestyle. A way of life that is both tempting và irresistible khổng lồ the millennial và Generation X profiles.


Yes, I want to view The M!

The stunning development of The M Condo at Bugis is here, if you’d like to view this new and exciting mixed development by Wing Tai Holdings Limited, send us a message now!