Egypt Nile Cruise is an amazing way khổng lồ see ancient Egypt and its history. These cruises offer the most beautiful itineraries.

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A trip on the Nile is a must-do for any trip to lớn Egypt. Boating is the best way to lớn see the most beautiful sights in Egypt. The longest river on the globe is also the best place to visit. Not all cruises are created equal. It’s important lớn plan, & know, what you want khổng lồ see, as well as how much money (and time) it will take. Before you book a river cruise, decide how much money you want to spend.

Many travelers agree that the best place lớn sail on the Nile between Luxor & Aswan is in the ancient Egyptian cities of Luxor, so make sure khổng lồ start there to find out about the best river cruises. There are many options available, making it easier for travelers to lớn plan a Nile cruise or choose their luxury adventure.

8. The Journey of the Goddess Nile Cruise

Nile Goddess Cruise is the perfect choice for travelers looking to experience 5* cruises at its best budget. The ship is decorated in a classic, traditional decor with wooden furniture. It departs every Monday for 4- or 7-night Nile Cruises. Visitors will have a memorable cruise thanks lớn the rooftop pool, relaxing spa, sauna, and nightclub.

Tip: After a long day, the cocktail lounge is a great spot khổng lồ unwind before you enjoy a delicious meal on board this luxury cruise vessel.


Nile Goddess Cruise Cabin – Nile Cruise

7. Cruise from Alexander the Great

This cruise line is “great”. It offers a 4-night cruise on the Nile starting from Luxor on Monday, và a 3-night cruise departing Aswan on Friday. This cruise is an excellent choice for travelers, as it offers entertainment for all ages, a không lấy phí shuttle khổng lồ the airport, và amazing dining options, including traditional Egyptian dishes & international cuisines. For those who wish to explore the banks, guided tours are available.


Alexander the Great Nile Cruise Yacht

6. Cruises Sonesta, Sun Goddess Cruise

The super-luxury cruise departs on Mondays and sails between Luxor & Aswan. It offers 4 or 7-day options. There are many goodies available to guests, including a swimming pool and a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp with a jacuzzi. Bright and spacious, the suites come with private balconies and 24-hour room service. Imagine sipping bubbles while enjoying a stunning view of the Nile from your bedroom.

Tip: You can arrange tours of the attractions along the Nile from your boat.


5. Farah Nile Cruise

Farah Nile Cruise has 60 deluxe cabins and two Royal Suites, each with its own unique sense of hospitality, from the handcrafted Egyptian cốt tông linens to the natural dark wood furniture. The entrance lobby sends a welcoming message that we must present in everything you see. Each aspect was meticulously planned to lớn reflect the high cấp độ of service we provide.

MS Farah Nile Cruise departs Aswan every Friday for three nights và Luxor every Monday for four nights.


Farah Nile Cruise Cabin

4. Movenpick Royal Lily Cruise

You can choose between a 4 or 5-day cruise và a 7-day return trip. The rooms are spacious & bright, with large windows for an mở cửa and bright atmosphere. Movenpick Royal Lily Nile cruise has a pool, sauna, spa, và beautiful sun terrace that will provide plenty of activities for guests lớn enjoy while they watch the magnificent Nile.

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Royal Lily Cabin

3. M / S Esplanade Cruise

The elegant ship offers 4 or 7-night Nile cruises every Monday starting from Luxor, và 3 or 7-night Nile cruises starting from Aswan every Friday. This boat has an outdoor pool that is stunning. It is surrounded by luxurious sofas and comfy loungers so visitors can relax và enjoy a day of exploring and refreshing. All the goodies are provided in the rooms. Travelers say the social atmosphere makes it easy khổng lồ have a chat with fellow cruisers.

Tip: Enjoy the vibrant và welcoming atmosphere of the public seating areas.

Esplanade Nile Cruise Cabin

2. Cruise on Nile Oberoi Philae and Zahra

This cruise offers a 5-star ultra-luxury experience they are sailing between Luxor, Aswan, and vice versa. It includes cruises lasting 4 và 6 nights. The staff is very friendly và can assist travelers with all aspects of their travels, including excursions & daily trips. The rooms offer stunning views of the Nile from the outdoor terrace and they are classified lớn be the best luxury cruisers over the Nile River.

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1. Historia Nile Cruise

The Historia Nile Cruise is the newest ship on the Nile & the first boutique Nile Cruise boat, meant to lớn be one of the Nile’s most elegant & pleasant cruise lines. The yacht provides luxurious accommodations, solitude, và lots of breathing room. The food is delicious, & the relaxing alternatives are fantastic.

The Historia Nile Cruise offers three different itineraries: a three-night itinerary that departs every Friday from Aswan to Luxor, a four-night itinerary that departs every Monday from Luxor to lớn Aswan, và a seven-night itinerary that combines the first two itineraries to lớn begin and end at the same city.


Most of the boat’s itineraries depart Mondays from Luxor for either 4 or 7 nights or 3 or 7 from Aswan. It also offers many opportunities lớn sail on the longest river in the world. You can arrange a guided tour with their helpful staff, or just relax on the luxurious sun terrace. This luxurious getaway offers something for everyone who is looking for a relaxing vacation.

Tip: Enjoy a delicious dinner & then enjoy the entertainment onboard the boat. This includes traditional music & belly dancing.

Every traveler lớn Egypt should visit the Nile, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Why not make it a memorable experience? These cruises offer the perfect way khổng lồ enjoy the longest river on the planet in peace & luxury.


If you are planning lớn travel lớn Egypt, you will have to visit the Nile River. It is the longest river in the world và stretches across 11 countries. This river is vital to Egyptians for transportation & sustenance. A luxury cruise between Aswan và Luxor is the best way khổng lồ view the Nile.

It can be hard khổng lồ find the right cruise for your travel plans. These cruises follow a specific itinerary and are usually 3-4 nights long. Reviews and information are not available. It’s also important khổng lồ know what you will be getting for your money, as most cruises can be quite expensive và The Egypt Nile Cruise is something very special.

We hope that this danh sách of the best 8 cruises on the Nile River lớn help you plan your Egypt vacation. Enjoy!