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Key examples are systems combining no-till seeding, crop-rotations including legumes, plus maintenance of continuous crop-residue cover khổng lồ the soil.
But this did not change the relative profitability of the treatments: sole maize fertilized and unfertilized remained more profitable than the respective legume intercrops.
Very large increases (well over 100 %) in the price of legumes would be required to lớn make legume-maize intercrops more profitable than sole maize.
For mixed grass+legume silages, the case was more complex, since the value of the silage is not independent of its composition.
Plant husbandry & management techniques for growing grain legumes under simulated tropical conditions in controlled environments.
Absent from private sector research, not surprisingly, are many crops cultivated by the world"s poor, including small-grain cereals, tubers và legumes.
This paper reports the results of on-farm testing of grass+legume pastures assessed in terms of milk production in dual-purpose systems.
However, other experiments have indicated the beneficial effects of perennial legumes & no-till agriculture on soil nitrogen.
The present study pointed lớn the critical role of legumes, especially perennial alfalfa, for increasing the energy efficiency of a cropping system.
Each farmer experimenter rated the performance of the legume fallows against the control with indicators which they developed in the second year of experimentation.
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a tall structure with blades that are blown round by the wind và produce power lớn make electricity

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