That time will make the race time 6 a.m. At F1"s home offices in the U.K. & 7 a.m. Throughout many of the European markets.

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The 10 p.m. Local time would give the race the latest scheduled lights out time for a race in Formula 1 history.

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The 2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a true Saturday night race, which will put the city of Lights on full display for the world.

Check that. If you happen to be on the East Coast of the U.S., that means a true EARLY Sunday morning race.

Formula 1’s inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix now has a location, a date & a start time confirmed. Following the announcement that the Las Vegas round will be the penultimate race on Formula 1’s 2023 schedule, on Saturday, Nov. 18, the time for lights out has been officially set.

Long known khổng lồ be a night-based race, the start of the race has been phối for 10 p.m. PST local time, meaning a 1 a.m., ET start time Sunday, Nov. 19 for fans on the East Coast of the U.S.

That gives a start time of 6 a.m., & 7 a.m., respectively for fans in the United Kingdom and leading European territories.

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It is expected lớn be the latest lights out time for a race in Formula 1 history. Singapore’s night race has traditionally held a 8 p.m. Start time with last year’s Saudi Arabia debut beginning at 8:30 p.m., a time since brought forward by 30 minutes.

Free practice is expected to take place on Thursday evening before the grid-setting qualifying session on Friday night. The race will take place across 50 laps of the 17-turn 3.8-mile circuit which will incorporate a stretch of Las Vegas’ famous Strip.

In a release, Formula 1 ambitiously outlined that the Las Vegas Grand Prix "is phối dominate the sports and entertainment capital of the world for four days & nights on a scale never seen before."

It has boldly promised ‘unprecedented levels of F1 activity & events’ during the build-up to lớn the event, with "a star-studded opening ceremony" set to lớn take place on Wednesday, November 15, when the pits and paddock complex will also be unveiled. No names have yet been revealed for the opening ceremony.


Despite the sự kiện still being 14 months away Formula 1 has already invested heavily in the event on trương mục of its role as one of the promoters, along with Live Nation, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, and several khách sạn and entertainment groups.

The championship has outlined that it has received ‘extraordinary demand’ from fans since pre-registration ticketing sign-up began in August.

“The Las Vegas Grand Prix is going to take F1 race weekends to lớn the next level,” said Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. “Staging a Grand Prix in the sports & entertainment capital of the world has allowed us to plan a truly spectacular celebration that has never been seen in our thể thao before, in the greatest arena on earth. The entire city is buzzing with excitement for next year’s race.

“Our fans simply don’t want to lớn miss this event. It is clear the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be THE must-have ticket for 2023.”