The iPhone 15 might still be far out in the future, but táo is preparing for big changes and we are already seeing substantial leaks & rumors about the 15 series.

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So what will be new in the iPhone 15 and when is it coming? The iPhone 15 family is due in the fall of 2023, and we expect khổng lồ see four models, similar to lớn the iPhone 14 generation. However, apple insiders claim that a tweaked thiết kế is possible, as well as some bigger changes on the inside.
As a quick summary, we expect khổng lồ see the following: a 6.1-inch iPhone 15 as the starter model, a large 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pluswith a bigger battery, & then two Pro models, a smaller iPhone 15 Pro and its larger sibling, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The latter mã sản phẩm might actually launch under a different name altogether và be called the iPhone 15 Ultra to lớn better signify how it has received bigger upgrades than in previous years, and one such upgrade might be a periscope zoom lens.
It is very possible that all four models will also come with a new USB-C type connector that will replace the Lightning port that táo apple has been using for nearly a decade. That happens to be the same connector most other gadgets in the world use these days, so it might actually help reduce clutter in your drawer.
What else will be new? and how will the iPhone 15 series change from the iPhone 14? Read on for the details & don"t forget that we continuously update this page as new information comes in.

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Sep 28, 2022, by Alan Friedman, 17

Apple follows a strict schedule that hasn"t changed in years: new iPhones always get announced in early September & arrive a week và a half after the announcement.
We expect táo bị cắn dở to stay this course with the iPhone 15 release date, so we can predict the unveiling to happen on Tue, Sept 12th, 2023, with an in-store release on Fri, Sept 22nd.
Of course, it is way too early to lớn predict this with any reasonable certainty & these dates are based on Apple"s usual yearly schedule rather than leaked information.
Device familyAnnouncementMarket release
Apple iPhone 13 seriesSept 14, 2021Sept 24, 2021
Apple iPhone 14 seriesSept 7, 2022Sept 16, 2022
Apple iPhone 15 seriesSept 12, 2023*Sept 22, 2023*

While we know quite a few details around the new features in the iPhone 15, we don"t yet have any insight into the prices, and frankly, with the current inflation that would be a bit hard lớn predict so early.
Still, if we had to lớn guess, we would say that hãng apple is likely lớn stick with the same prices as the previous generation models, with a price bump possibly expected for the Pro Max/Ultra model.
iPhone model128GB256GB512GB1TB
iPhone 14$799*$899*$999*-
iPhone 14 Plus$899*$999*$1099*-
iPhone 14 Pro$1099*$1199*$1399*$1599*
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1199*$1299$1499*$1699*
iPhone 15$799*$899*$999*-
iPhone 15 Plus$899*$999*$1099*-
iPhone 15 Pro$1099*$1199*$1399*$1599*
iPhone 15 Pro Max$1199*$1299$1499*$1699*