TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE australia 2023


APRIL 14-24, 2023


STATUS as of March 30, 2022: SOLD OUT. WAIT danh sách ONLY.

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The Coral Discoverer

Join Ring of Fire Expeditions 52rd solar eclipse expedition lớn Broome, Western nước australia and witness a fabulous 1 minute 05 seconds of a total solar eclipse of the Sun aboard the 72 passenger Coral Discoverer! This is a true small ship in every sense & we have an exciting itinerary planned out. This expedition will be led by Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society & will be his 82nd solar eclipse.  Avoid the mobs of eclipse-goers on the narrow strip of land where it crosses australia and come with us. Although we are also offering a ground tour, the cruise trip will experience about 7 more seconds of totality.

What kind of eclipse is this? Just to lớn be clear, this is what is called a hybrid eclipse. That is, it is annular and it is also a total solar eclipse of the sun. But it is important khổng lồ know that the path of this eclipse extends thousands of miles. In western nước australia and the sea on the western and northwestern side of the continent, you can ONLY see a true total solar eclipse. We cannot possibly reach the transition point where there is a necklace of Baily’s Beads surrounding the entire disc of the Moon. This would be really cool to see. The two zones where this is possible are far out in the Pacific Ocean north of Butaritari Island at the sunset point and in the Indian Ocean near the sunrise point about 80km northwest of Kerguelen Island. Both of these places are quite remote & completely impractical for us to reach. In addition, the cloud forecast is not good for those areas. The overall cloud cover forecast for the area where we are headed is pretty good.


Snorkel or dive the pristine & rarely visited Rowley Shoals, accompanied by our onboard Marine Biologist> Scuba dive the remarkable reefs of Muiron Islands, or ‘dusk dive’ the Navy Pier at Exmouth (additional cost) khổng lồ encounter a huge variety of marine life> Encounter the mega fauna of Ningaloo Reef – with the chance khổng lồ swim with manta rays (this experience is subject to lớn nature)> Swim out khổng lồ coral gardens from the beach at Coral Bay> Discover sites of cultural significance khổng lồ indigenous Australians, including the Dampier Archipelago petroglyphs, with expert interpretation> Encounter a proliferation of wildlife, including rare birds and marine life on the remote islands and atolls> Relax on pristine white-sand beaches in the Muiron Islands, Dampier Archipelago, và Turquoise Bay



Cruise route with eclipse path

DAY 1 (April 14, 2023): DEPART BROOME

Board in Broome at 4:00pm for a 5:00pm departure.


ROWLEY SHOALSAt the edge of the continental shelf, 170 nautical miles offshore, lie the Rowley Shoals, a chain of three coral atolls including Clerke, Mermaid & Imperieuse Reefs. The shoals offer some of the best snorkeling & diving opportunities in the world. Their shallow lagoons are inhabited by myriad coral species & marine life, including giant potato cod, Maori wrasse, at least 233 species of coral và 688 species of fish. Water clarity here is unparalleled, making for superb underwater photography opportunities. Conditions permitting, we will spend 1-2 days here for snorkeling & diving opportunities. Guided by our marine biologist, snorkel away the day in the coral gardens of the Aquarium at Clerke Reef, try a drift snorkel in the channel, or beach comb on Bedwell Island.

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The Montebello Islands are an archipelago of more than 250 limestone islands và islets off the coast of the Pilbara. A bird watcher’s delight, the islands are an important bird area, as they tư vấn over 1% of the world populations of fairy và roseate terns, as well as sooty oyster-catchers. The Montebellos have an ‘explosive’ past – Alpha and Trimouille Islands were the site of British atomic weapons tests in the 1950s. Relics of the military operation can still be found on the islands. Spend a full day exploring here, with wildlife spotting opportunities including endangered rufous hare-wallabies và stingrays. There are also opportunities lớn swim from the beautiful beaches.


Using a Zodiac lớn go ashore



Barrow Island

This will be the highlight of our total solar eclipse cruise! We plan to lớn steer to a place where we can see the most totality—approximately 1 minute 4 seconds (determined by our location) which is about 7 seconds longer than our land tour group. The path width in the figure above is a mere 42km/26 miles. Initially we will anchor off Barrow Island and watch the spectacle from here. The Moon will begin its passage in front of the Sun’s disc starting at 10:07am local time (GMT+8); then starting at 11:33am totality will begin. The Sun/Moon will join at an elevation of 55 degrees, azimuth 20 degrees. Finally the Sun will regain its normal brilliance at 1:06pm. (Actual eclipse times will be determined once the final ship location has been decided).


Paul D. Maley providing a pre-eclipse briefing. Lynn Palmer photo.


Lawrence Tulissi took these photos khổng lồ create a time sequenced montage of the eclipse leading up khổng lồ totality on our July 2019 cruise from Tahiti.


Total eclipse of the Sun as photographed by Eliot M. Herman on our land trip from La Serena, Chile in July 2019.