If you"ve found yourself asking existential questions like "How old am I today?", "How old was I on this date?" or "How old will I be in 2050?", then this age calculator is here to help you.

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The exact age calculator lets you choose from a variety of time units - from milliseconds to years - so finally, you can get answers khổng lồ your age-related questions:

What is my age?How many days old am I?How many months old am I?How many weeks old am I?

In the text, we"ll cover examples of time calculations (if you were born in 1999, how old are you, how many days are there in 15 years, how to lớn calculate age from date of birth, etc.)

Once you"ve found your chronological age, make sure to lớn also check how old your dog or cat, or pet bird is in human years, and contemplate all the seconds you"ve spent on planet Earth, using our tools like:

What is my age?

Age, in general, is the amount of time for which something existed.

A person"s age is the time that has passed from the moment they were born. The time before birth is called the gestational age (the age of a pregnancy is counted from conception).

In most parts of the world, a baby starts life at 0 and becomes 1 year old on the first anniversary of their birth. However, in some countries (notably in Korea), age is counted differently. In the text, we"ll use the most common system.

Let"s see how to use the age calculator lớn help you answer the question - "what is my age?".

How old am I today? Ask the age calculator

How old are you? The easiest way to answer this is lớn use the age calculator & let it calculate age from your date of birth:

In the first field of the age calculator, đầu vào your birth date. You can either type it in (input the first three letters of the month"s name followed by the day, a comma, and the year, e.g., "Oct 1, 1996"), or click the calendar icon và select the date.

If you want to know your exact age in a "small" unit (e.g., you"re wondering, "how old am I in seconds?"), you can mix the time of your birth in the advanced mode. If you leave it empty, the age calculator will count the time from midnight the day you were born.

The date in the third field of the age calculator is set lớn "today". If you want to know your current age ("How old am I today?"), leave it as it is.

Select the unit in which you want your result - this lets you answer different questions ("How many months old am I?", "How many weeks old am I?", "How many seconds old am I?").

The time is counted from birth till now, including the current time.

The result will be exact if you choose "years/months/days." In this option, we assume that a month passes from the chosen day of the first month khổng lồ the same day of the second month (e.g., 22.02 khổng lồ 22.03). If you choose the "months" unit, we will assume that months have 30.4375 days (that"s an average). In the "years" option, we assume a year has 365 days (we don"t trương mục for leap years).

How old are you? Calculate age from the date of birth

We"ll now learn how to lớn calculate age from date of birth without help from the age calculator.

Let"s say it"s 15.01.2021, & you were born on 5.12.2000. Let"s time-travel và count:

Start on your date of birth. Go forward in time - check how many years you have to địa chỉ cửa hàng to reach your last birthday:

Your last birthday was on 5.12.2020. Subtract the years:

5.12.2020 - 5.12.2000 = đôi mươi years

Now we"re on 5.12.2020. Add as many full months as you can but don"t go too far into the future (stop before you reach today).

In this example, if we go 1 month forward from 5.12.2020, we land on 5.01.2021 and so have to stop time traveling in months.

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Add the remaining days. We"re on 5.01.2021. We can simply subtract days:

15.01.2021 - 5.01.2021 = 10 days

Add the results from steps 1-3. We get trăng tròn years, 1 month and 10 days.

How many days/weeks/months/... Old am I?

This age calculator includes various time units, so it can answer all the strange questions like "How many weeks old am I?", "How many seconds old am I?", "How many days old am I?", etc.

To kiểm tra your age in different units, enter your date of birth, make sure you have today"s date in the second field, và set the desired unit in the last field of the age calculator.

How old will I be in 2050?

Counting age for future dates works the same as for past dates. In the age calculator, you need to lớn change the mặc định current date (the "Calculate age on" field) to the future date.

Let"s say you were born on 4.03.2005. If you"re wondering, "How old will I be in 2050?":

Set your date of birth (you can type in "Mar 4, 2005").

"Calculate age on" should be followed by "Jan 1, 2050" or any other day in 2050, depending on when you want.

The age calculator will tell you that on New Year"s Day 2050, you"ll be 44 years 9 months, 28 days old.

Make sure to also check out our Lunar age calculator and find out your age according lớn the Chinese & Hijri calendars.

If you were born in 1999, how old are you?

If you don"t know someone"s exact date of birth, subtract the year of birth from the current year và the result will be the estimated age (you can be off by one year either side).

For example, now it is 10.01.2021. Let"s subtract years:

2021 - 1999 = 22.

So, the answer to lớn "If you were born in 1999, how old are you?" is: "In 2021, you"d be approximately 22 years old". However, if you were born after 10.01, you"d officially become 22 on your birthday. Until then, you"d be 21 in the eyes of the law.

How many days are there in 15 years?

If you"re 15 và wondering, "How many days old am I?", enter your date of birth and today"s date into the age calculator. Then choose "days" as the unit.

If you want to convert 15 years to days, you can use our time unit converter or type into this age calculator two dates that are 15 years apart. For example, "Jan 1, 2000" và "Jan 1, 2015" are 5479 days apart.

Example - "How old was I on this date...

...when I first learned that time is relative?"

You"ve just found your diary in the attic, opened it on a random page, và read:


Nothing will ever be the same again. I used to lớn think that time is something like a line going from left to lớn right on which we travel. I thought it was always the same, whoever & wherever you are. Today Mr. Brown (and I trust his knowledge) said that the faster you move, the slower time passes!