To be considered a candidate for the completion of a graduate degree, graduate certificate, or graduate minor, you must complete all necessary paperwork as well as the Application for Completion of Degrees, Certificates and Minors by the posted deadlines. Late submissions will be processed in the order received AFTER all submissions made by the deadline are finalized. Failure lớn meet the deadlines will result in the delay or postponement of your graduation. 


Graduation Application

The online application for graduation is available prior khổng lồ classes beginning each semester.

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It must be completed in order for a student lớn be considered a candidate for graduation at the kết thúc of that term. Fill out the Application for Completion of Degrees, Certificates and Minors. The information submitted in the application for graduation will be used khổng lồ update your degree candidacy in myZou. Completion of the myZou application for graduation is not necessary.

Before you apply for graduation, you must already have an approved plan of study on tệp tin with the Graduate School. Failure to file a plan of study may mean a delay of graduation. Consult with your program to confirm that your plan of study is on file.

Delaying Degree or Certificate Completion 

If you do not graduate at the end of the term you for which apply for graduation you must:

Contact the Graduate School regarding your plansApply for graduation in a future semester


Check with your academic program khổng lồ make sure all of your paperwork has been submitted to lớn the Graduate School for graduation. See the graduation requirements for master’s, doctoral and educational specialist student.

Thesis or Dissertation Submission

Students writing a thesis or dissertation must submit to the Graduate School by the semester deadline. If a thesis or dissertation is part of your program, it must be submitted lớn the Graduate School as part of your degree requirements.

Original Research Manuscript

Please consult the Guidelines for Preparing a Thesis or Dissertation for formatting & submission requirements.

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Final Exam and Enrollment Requirements

For all Graduate Degree-Seeking CandidatesStudents expecting to present a thesis, manuscript, project, portfolio or dissertation or to take comprehensive exams must be enrolled và be examined during the regular semester session. You may defend, present or take final exams any time during the regular semester session excluding holidays, weekends & semester breaks.When your final exam has been completed, the results must be submitted to the Graduate School by the semester deadlines. Please consult with your program for department procedures regarding this matter.Doctoral CandidatesPost-comp doctoral students are required to lớn enroll in two hours of course work in the spring, two hours of course work in the fallone hour of coursework in the summer.Master’s & Educational Specialist CandidatesMaster’s & educational specialist students who have completed all their course work & need only khổng lồ take comps or defend a thesis or project should enroll for “8999 Graduate Examination.”Registration in the “Graduate Examination” does not count toward enrollment certification. Students enrolled in the “Graduate Examination” would not be considered full-time or part-time. If students need lớn use the library or computers on campus, they should enroll in at least one hour of regular credit instead of Graduate Examination.

Name on Your Transcript & Diploma

The name on your transcript & diploma will be the same as is listed in the University’s database through myZou. You will have the opportunity to nhận xét name and address information when you complete the application for graduation process.

More About Your Transcripts

Once your degree or graduate certificate has been awarded, the following additional information is printed to lớn your official transcript approximately 14-18 days after the close of the semester:

DegreeMajorEmphasis (if applicable)Minor (if applicable)Graduate Certificate (if applicable)Date of Conferral

The Office of the University Registrar transcript department is located in 125 Jesse Hall. Transcript requests can be made in person, by mail, by fax or online.

If you want lớn order a transcript that includes your degree or graduate certificate, please indicate on your request that you want to your transcript lớn be held until your final grades và degree are posted.

More About Your Diploma

Your diploma will be mailed lớn your permanent address approximately 12-14 weeks after graduation. Lớn ensure delivery of your diploma, any address changes must be made on or before the last day of the semester. Corrections can be made on myZou . Address changes cannot be made over the phone.

For additional diploma questions và information, please send an email to: diploma


“Commencement” is the ceremony that recognizes graduate students for the completion of their master’s, educational specialist & doctoral degrees.

Learn More about Commencement

Questions Regarding Graduation

If you have questions about any of the information provided, please contact the Graduate School, either via email to graduaterecords


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