In India, the typical celebration of Holi lasts for two days although preparations can start weeks in advance. The main events of the celebration are the Holika Dahan (burning of the demon Holika on a bonfire to celebrate the victory of good over evil) and the màu sắc fight.

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Holi sự kiện in 2023 is on WednesdayMarch 8th in IndiaMarch 7th (full moon night) is the time for Holika Dahan. The Holika Dahan muhurat (the auspicious time) is from 06:24 PM to 08:51 PM on March 7th. March 8th is the day of the color fights, when the whole country head lớn the streets to celebrate.

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Year Date
2023 8 Mar
2024 25 Mar
2025 14 Mar
2026 3 Mar

Holi 2023 date

This year Holi will be observed on Wednesday 8 March 2023. Holi is celebrated by Hindus all over. It is one of the biggest festivals on the Hindu calendar. It is also known as the festival of colour party

Holi 2023: Time

Holi 2023 is on Wednesday, March 8th in India. March 7th (full moon night) is the time for Holika Dahan. The Holika Dahan muhurat (the auspicious time) is from 06:24 PM to 08:51 PM on March 7th.

Sun & Moon Timing

Sunrise – 6:47 AMSunset – 6:28 PMMoonrise – Mar 07 6:29 PMMoonset – Mar 08 7:15 AM

Holi’s date is determined by the India calendar & changes every year. It is typically observed in March of the Gregorian Calendar, occasionally in late February.

It is observed on the last full moon day or Purnima of the month of Falgun, 12th Hindu calendar month. The Holi purnima tithi (‘full moon lunar day’) in 2023 is from 04:17 PM on March 6th to 06:09 PM on March 7th.

The Holashtak is from February 28th lớn March 7th, a period of 8 days before Holi. It is considered inauspicious for big things like buying a house, getting married, or starting a business.

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Is Holi Festival a Public Holiday?


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Holi is an important holiday in India and most states give residents a public holiday on the day of the màu sắc fight (March 8th in 2023).

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Only seven states vì chưng not have a public holiday on this day: Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Manipur, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, & West Bengal. These states vị not have a public holiday for Holi because the festival is either celebrated differently or not at all in these areas.

When was hai 2023: Stories Behind holi và 2-Day Typical Celebrations

March 7th, 2023 Choti holi/holika Dahan

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Holi Story →

holika Dahan comes from the legend of Prahlad & the Demoness holika (who is the namesake of the festival, Holi being derived from the name Holika).

Legend says that through penance the demon king Hiranyakashipu was granted five magical powers of protection, which he believed would combine to lớn make him immortal. Holding firm in this belief, he forced his subjects to lớn worship him as a god. However, his son Prahlad refused to bởi so & instead stayed true lớn his adoration of the genuine god Vishnu. Acting out of spite, Hiranyakashipu attempted many times to kill his son but was always bested by Vishnu.

During one of these such attempts, Hiranyakashipu conspired with his demoness sister Holika and developed a plan lớn kill Prahlad. Holika tried lớn trick Prahlada into burning to death on a pyre, but because her intentions were evil, she was the one who was burned and killed at the full moon night.

The rituals of Holika Dahan start only when the full moon is visible in the evening. The auspicious time (muhurat) lasts 2 hour & 27 minutes from 06:24 PM to 08:51 PM on March 7th. Burning a Holika effigy at any other time is believed to lớn result in bad luck. The building of the pyre for the Holika fire can start weeks in advance, however.

Holi Festival all Names with states →

Maharashtra. In MaharashtraRang Panchami
Lathmar Holi & Holi MilanUttar Pradesh
Holla MohallaPunjab
Royal HoliUdaipur
Kumaoni HoliUttarakhand
Manjal KuliKerala

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March 8th, 2023 Dhuleti holi/Rangwali holi/Color Fights

In the morning of March 8th, the ashes of the Holika bonfires are collected, because they are considered to lớn be very auspicious.

The color fights are continued throughout the day. Throwing colorful powders and waters in Holi is a symbol of love to the gods, family and friends regardless of age, caste và gender. People head khổng lồ temples và streets armed with colored powders, water balloons, & water guns to join in the giant màu sắc fights. On this day, the whole country will be engaged in the joy of colors.

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Holi Dates for 2023 to 2030

Included in the table are only the dates of Holi, the second day of celebrating when the màu sắc fight takes place. Holika Dahan will occur the day before the dates listed.