The summer basketball season has now passed, G.G. Jackson is officially in college & now everyone wants an answer to lớn the same question:

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Who is the No. 1 overall prospect in the Class of 2023?It"s a question that lacks an easy answer as no one player was able khổng lồ separate themselves from the rest of the pack throughout the grassroots season.
Even among our 247Sports staff there were different opinions, which is actually ideal as it accurately reflects a class where numerous players could make an argument for the spot.
Ultimately though, someone had to be No. 1 and when you break down the film, study the numbers, balance that with what we"ve seen in person and try lớn project it all out to lớn college và beyond, it was Isaiah Collier who earned the distinction of being the No. 1 prospect in the post-summer ranking of the vị trí cao nhất 150 players in the class.
A sản phẩm of Wheeler (Marietta, Ga.), Collier missed the vast majority of the summer — including both the June and July recruiting periods — with a torn meniscus that was originally diagnosed during the USA Basketball U18 trials in late May.He returned in August in time khổng lồ participate in the Steph Curry Camp & Under Armour Elite 24, winning MVP honors in both events, but those performances weren"t the reason behind his rise from No. 9 in the Top247 khổng lồ the vị trí cao nhất spot.Instead, that ascension was rooted in the answers to a few key questions that we asked ourselves about each of the five-star prospects.How impactful are they right now and how much of their games translate khổng lồ subsequent levels?What would a worst-case scenario, short of any totally unexpected variables, look lượt thích next year as a college freshman (i.e. What"s their floor at that level)?
What would a best-case scenario, short of any totally unexpected variables, look like next year as a college freshman (i.e. What"s their ceiling at that level)?

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Similarly, what are their long-term chances of making it to the NBA and what could their floor và ceiling look like at that level?
When we considered how each prospect rated across those multiple areas, Collier was the one who mix himself apart across the board.He"s a true point guard with good positional size, a strong body toàn thân and a natural feel for the game. He"s probably the best passer in the national class with a full array of passes at his disposal. He has an advanced understanding of how to play out of ball-screens, the ability to get downhill, & read the trò chơi with precision while creating for himself and his teammates. Collier"s jumper has historically been the most limited part of his offensive attack, but even that has made notable strides within the last year. He"s solid defensively and athletically and possesses all the intangibles & character traits that increase the likelihood that he maximizes his long-term potential.With that prototype, his ability lớn impact winning from day one at the college cấp độ is as high, if not higher, than any prospect in the class. Those attributes are also ones that can translate khổng lồ the highest màn chơi one day if Collier were to continue lớn ascend along the same trajectory.
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