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New fantastic show in cooperation with Cirque du Soleil

Her greatest hits, the best songs from her eighth # 1 album "Rausch" & a new fantastic show full of magical moments - Helene Fischer will be presenting all this và much more on her Arena Tour 2023.

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The sensational success of their 2017/2018 tours in front of more than 1.3 million fans opened the doors to a new kind of show experience and opened up new perspectives. The multi-talented singer và entertainer is now making this a reality together with the band, dancers & selected world-class artists at a total of 70 planned concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the brand new live production, which is being developed from scratch by the experts for quality live events at Cirque du Soleil together with Helene Fischer, the audience can expect never-before-seen images, an overwhelming stage design, thrilling choreographies & heartbeat moments that will make you take your breath away. The successful artist, with her versatility, versatility và daring, once more combines singing, dance and artistry into a total work of art of tremendous grandeur và intensity.

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With more than 17 million records sold, Helene Fischer is one of the most successful artists in Europe và has continued lớn develop herself & her performances concert after concert with maximum passion. The new show in cooperation with Cirque du Soleil will once again surpass everything that has come before. Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Berlin, Mannheim, Hanover, Vienna, Zurich, Munich và Frankfurt are the selected tour stops.

"Tours have always been milestones in my career & live is the ultimate demo for an artist," says Helene Fischer & adds: "Together with Cirque du Soleil, we want khổng lồ break new ground và offer the fans an experience. That it didn't exist before. We want to create overwhelming moments full of emotions, nội dung our irrepressible joy with the audience & create. Create a true intoxication of the senses! "

The Helene Fischer Tour is organized by Live Nation in cooperation with Leutgeb Entertainment Group.