Book a cruise from Florida to The Caribbean, Bahamas & more with Norwegian Cruise Line.

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Whether it"s your first time cruising with Norwegian or your tenth, there"s no better way khổng lồ slip away than with Norwegian"s cruises from Florida. With our award-winning cruise ships setting off from three convenient departure ports, starting a holiday from the Cruise Capital of the World leads khổng lồ places and memories you"ll daydream about for years to come. Sail from Orlando, Miami or Tampa khổng lồ incredible destinations. It"s time khổng lồ pack up và go!


Norwegian Cruise Line is bringing the tropics khổng lồ you. Choose khổng lồ depart from Miami, Orlando, or Tampa; set your out of office & sail into the holiday you always knew you needed. Cool off in the crystal-clear waters of St. Thomas in the summer or go for an ATV ride through the jungles of Cozumel lớn escape the cold in the winter. Whatever you choose, you will have the freedom lớn pick any time that fits your schedule.


When you cruise with Norwegian, you"re free. Our award-winning ships are designed for you khổng lồ enjoy as you choose while cruising lớn beautiful destinations around the world. Along the way, enjoy a variety of superb restaurants with no fixed dining times, Broadway shows & thrilling waterslides - all of which will make your journey just as exciting as the places you visit.


Experience Great Stirrup Cay, our idyllic private island in the Bahamas, when you cruise from Florida with Norwegian. Unwind on white-sand beaches & enjoy the many ways to lớn explore paradise. Snorkel with sea turtles, kayak along a peaceful coastline, or soar high into the sky on a zipline. Relax & recharge at our various dining venues và bars, ianphukhanganchau.vnuding Abaco Taco và Patron Bar. Vị it all - or nothing at all - the choice is yours.


Miami, FloridaFeel the cool breezes of the islands caressing your skin from your own private stateroom balcony when you cruise from sunny Miami, Florida.

Orlando và BeachesExperience some of Florida"s đứng đầu attractions, like Kennedy Space Centre và Walt Disney World, before or after your cruise from Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida.
Tampa, FloridaTake time to lớn visit famous area amusement parks, like Busch Gardens & Adventure Island, before or after your cruise from Tampa, Florida.

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Cruises from Florida offer more than just incredible sailings from three convenient departure ports. Amusement parks, natural landscape adventures, beach escapes, và city tours are just the beginning. Extend your trip by choosing a shore excursion in Orlando, Miami or Tampa before or after your cruise holiday.

Embrace a fun-filled escape in Orlando while you savour a variety of culinary delights among a collection of waterside cafes, world-class restaurants and quick-service counters.

See vị trí cao nhất highlights of Miami, Orlando or Tampa from the comfort of your motorcoach as your guide points out some of the city"s most popular areas.

Visit the Florida Everglades & its treasured ecosystem on an airboat. Ride through mangroves & cypress swamps, where you"ll see alligators in their natural habitat.