The 2023 Women"s World Cup is quickly taking shape as the FIFA tournament prepares khổng lồ head to nước australia and New Zealand for the first time. 

This is the ninth Women"s World Cup in history & will be the biggest yet with 32 teams competing across 64 games. 

The tournament is scheduled lớn kickoff on July 20, 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand before concluding on August, 20 in Sydney, Australia. 

The United States will enter this latest Women"s World Cup as defending champions, while England are chasing their first title having been crowned 2022 European champions. 

The Sporting News wraps up the complete schedule for the 2023 Women"s World Cup below. 

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Women"s World Cup 2023 tournament format

For the first time in Women"s World Cup history, the 2023 edition will have 32 teams competing — eight more than the previous tournament. 

That expansion means more matches will be played than ever before with 64 lớn take place across nước australia and New Zealand. 

With two extra groups added to the set for 2023, only the top-two teams from each section will qualify for the knockout stages. In 2019, the four best third-placed sides also progressed to lớn the round of 16. 

Group stage: July 20-August 3Round of 16: August 5-8Quarterfinals: August 11-12Semifinals: August 15-16Third-place playoff: August 19Final: August 20

When do Women"s World Cup matches start in nước australia and New Zealand?

Kickoff times for the 2023 tournament are yet to lớn be released by FIFA but based on the 2019 edition they will likely be staggered across the group stage to ensure multiple time zones can be accommodated.

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It will be winter in australia and New Zealand during the Women"s World Cup so daytime heat won"t be an issue. 

The 2019 Women"s World Cup final started at 5 p.m. Local time in France, but due lớn Australia"s time zone differences, a later kickoff could make more sense.

Women"s World Cup 2023 kickoff times*

StageAustralia(AEST)New Zealand(NZST)USA &Canada (ET)UK(BST)Group stageGroup stageKnockoutsGroup stageKnockouts
1 p.m.3 p.m.11 p.m. 4 a.m.
3 p.m.5 p.m.1 a.m.6 a.m.
5 p.m.7 p.m.

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3 a.m.8 a.m.
7 p.m.9 p.m.5 a.m.10 a.m.
8 p.m.10 p.m.6 a.m.11 a.m.

*Anticipated kickoff times

Complete Women"s World Cup 2023 match schedule

Women"s World Cup Group A table và fixtures

A1: New Zealand00000000
A2: Norway00000000
A3: Philippines00000000
A4: Switzerland00000000

Group A match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Thu, July 20New Zealand vs. NorwayTBCTBCEden Park
Fri, July 21Philippines vs. SwitzerlandTBCTBCDunedin Stadium
Tue, July 25New Zealand vs. PhilippinesTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Tue, July 25Switzerland vs. NorwayTBCTBCWaikato Stadium
Sun, July 30New Zealand vs. SwitzerlandTBCTBCDunedin Stadium
Sun, July 30Norway vs. PhilippinesTBCTBCEden Park

Women"s World Cup Group B table & fixtures

B1: Australia00000000
B2: Rep. of Ireland00000000
B3: Nigeria00000000
B4: Canada00000000

Group B match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Thu, July 20Australia vs. Rep. Of IrelandTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Fri, July 21Nigeria vs. CanadaTBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Wed, July 26Canada vs. Rep. of IrelandTBCTBCPerth Rectangular Stadium
Thu, July 27Australia vs. NigeriaTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Mon, July 31Australia vs. CanadaTBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Mon, July 31Rep. Of Ireland vs. NigeriaTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group C table & fixtures

C1: Spain00000000
C2: Costa Rica00000000
C3: Zambia00000000
C4: Japan00000000

Group C match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Fri, July 21Spain vs. Costa RicaTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium 
Sat, July 22Zambia vs. JapanTBCTBCWaikato Stadium
Wed, July 26Spain vs. ZambiaTBCTBCEden Park
Wed, July 26Japan vs. Costa RicaTBCTBCDunedin Stadium
Mon, July 31Japan vs. SpainTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Mon, July 31Costa Rica vs. ZambiaTBCTBCWaikato Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group D table & fixtures

D1: England00000000
D2: Playoff Group B winner*00000000
D3: Denmark00000000
D4: China00000000

*Senegal, Haiti, or Chile

Group D match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sat, July 22England vs. Playoff WinnerTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Sat, July 22Denmark vs. ChinaTBCTBCPerth Rectangular Stadium
Fri, July 28England vs. DenmarkTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Fri, July 28China vs. Playoff WinnerTBCTBCHindmarsh Stadium
Tue, Aug. 1China vs. EnglandTBCTBCHindmarsh Stadium
Tue, Aug. 1Playoff Winner vs. DenmarkTBCTBCPerth Rectangular Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group E table & fixtures

E1: USA00000000
E2: Vietnam00000000
E3: Netherlands00000000
E4: Playoff Group A winner*00000000

*Cameroon, Thailand, or Portugal

Group E match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sat, July 22USA vs. VietnamTBCTBCEden Park
Sat, July 22Netherlands vs. Playoff WinnerTBCTBCDunedin Stadium
Thu, July 27USA vs. NetherlandsTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Thu, July 27Playoff Winner vs. VietnamTBCTBCWaikato Stadium
Tue, Aug. 1Playoff Winner vs. USATBCTBCEden Park
Tue, Aug. 1Vietnam vs. NetherlandsTBCTBCDunedin Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group F table & fixtures

F1: France00000000
F2: Jamaica00000000
F3: Brazil00000000
F4: Playoff Group C winner*00000000

*Chinese Taipei, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea, or Panama

Group F match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sun, July 23France vs. JamaicaTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Mon, July 24Brazil vs. Playoff WinnerTBCTBCHindmarsh Stadium
Sat, July 29France vs. BrazilTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Sat, July 29Playoff Winner vs. JamaicaTBCTBCPerth Rectangular Stadium
Wed, Aug. 2Playoff Winner vs. FranceTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Wed, Aug. 2Jamaica vs. BrazilTBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group G table và fixtures

G1: Sweden00000000
G2: South Africa00000000
G3: Italy00000000
G4: Argentina00000000

Group G match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sun, July 23Sweden vs. South AfricaTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Mon, July 24Italy vs. ArgentinaTBCTBCEden Park
Fri, July 28Argentina vs. South AfricaTBCTBCDunedin Stadium
Sat, July 29Sweden vs. ItalyTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Wed, Aug. 2Argentina vs. SwedenTBCTBCWaikato Stadium
Wed, Aug. 2South Africa vs. ItalyTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium

Women"s World Cup Group H table và fixtures

H1: Germany00000000
H2: Morocco00000000
H3: Colombia00000000
H4: South Korea00000000

Group H match schedule

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Mon, July 24Germany vs. MoroccoTBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Tue, July 25Colombia vs. South KoreaTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Sun, July 30Germany vs. ColombiaTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Sun, July 30South Korea vs. MoroccoTBCTBCHindmarsh Stadium
Thu, Aug. 3South Korea vs. GermanyTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Thu, Aug. 3Morocco vs. ColombiaTBCTBCPerth Rectangular Stadium

Women"s World Cup Round of 16

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sat, Aug. 51A vs. 2CTBCTBCEden Park
Sat, Aug. 51C vs. 2ATBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Sun, Aug. 61E vs. 2GTBCTBCSydney Football Stadium
Sun, Aug. 61G vs. 2ETBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Mon, Aug. 71B vs. 2DTBCTBCStadium Australia
Mon, Aug. 71D vs. 2BTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Tue, Aug. 81F vs. 2HTBCTBCHindmarsh Stadium
Tue, Aug. 81H vs. 2FTBCTBCMelbourne Rectangular Stadium

Women"s World Cup Quarterfinals

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Fri, Aug. 11QF1: 1A/2C vs. 1E/2GTBCTBCWellington Regional Stadium
Fri, Aug. 11QF2: 1C/2A vs. 1G/2ETBCTBCEden Park
Sat, Aug. 12QF3: 1B/2D vs. 1F/2HTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium
Sat, Aug. 12QF4: 1D/2B vs. 1H/2FTBCTBCStadium Australia

Women"s World Cup Semifinals

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Tue, Aug. 15QF1 vs. QF2TBCTBCEden Park
Wed, Aug. 16QF3 vs. QF4TBCTBCStadium Australia

Women"s World Cup 3rd Place

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sat, Aug. 19Semifinal losersTBCTBCBrisbane Stadium

Women"s World Cup Final

DateMatchTime (Local)Time (ET)Stadium
Sun, Aug. 20Semifinal winnersTBCTBCStadium Australia