It"s easy khổng lồ fall in love with Fairfield University.

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After all, the school offers a "strong and accepting community strive lớn make everyone feel at home." Plus, it doesn"t hurt that the campus is "beautiful." Perhaps more importantly, undergrads are privy to "small class where professors really get to lớn know you" and "lots of internship opportunities." Students also tout the "outstanding" business và nursing programs, both of which are "nationally ranked." & all undergrads, regardless of chosen discipline, learn from professors who tend to lớn prioritize "teaching their own research." The professors are extraordinarily "engaging passionate" & often "have real-world experience bring into the classroom." Moreover, Fairfield professors challenge students khổng lồ "think outside the box." & "if you show an interest in subject, most of the professors here will with you for as long as necessary khổng lồ make sure you are getting everything you want out of the class." They truly are committed to the "success of their students," & they work diligently khổng lồ ensure that the academics at Fairfield are "tough but manageable." In other words, "if you put in the time & focus in class, you will vì well."

Student body toàn thân

The student toàn thân at Fairfield University is an "extremely close-knit" community. Undergrads vì readily admit that the school is mostly "comprised of white, middle-upper class kids." However, they also adamantly insist that there is plenty of diversity in terms of "ideals, personalities, and interests." và they cảnh báo that "everyone can find their people here." Moreover, Fairfield students highlight the fact that their peers are "hard-working individuals with an unwavering dedication lớn learning as much as possible." They are also "welcoming & happy khổng lồ get khổng lồ know everyone." As one student further explains, "Fairfield has the type of student body toàn thân that each student holds the door for the person behind them even if they are not necessarily close behind." Another agrees: "Fairfield is unique in the sense that all the students genuinely want lớn get lớn know each other.

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Being a smaller school, everyone is super friendly and interested in creating new friendships." With all this good feeling permeating campus, it"s no wonder that students here are imbued with "lots of school spirit."

Campus Life

Students gush that "every day is different at Fairfield." After all, "there is always something happening that students are able to participate in." This could be anything from "a concert food trucks" to lớn "bingo và sporting events." và one student excitedly shares, "Recently we had a Stuff a Stag almost a quarter of the university attended." Aside from school-sponsored events, Fairfield undergrads can join a wide variety of clubs ranging from the campus radio station to the student-run competitive dance group, Fairfield Dance Fusion. Intramural sports and going khổng lồ the gym are also pretty popular. Additionally, "community service is very prominent" & a number of students pursue "campus jobs internships" as well. Once the weekend arrives, you can frequently "find students partying,...and in the nicer weather, on the nearby beach." Undergrads also like heading into downtown Fairfield, which has "lots of opportunities to lớn eat out." Even better, "NYC is very accessible và offers very cheap Broadway trips that include tickets & transportation." All in all, Fairfield makes it relatively easy to lớn find a "good balance between doing school work and ."