October 17, 2022Announcement, Release3ds max, chaos corona, Chaos Corona 9, cinema 4d, corona, Corona 9, Corona Renderer, new release, render engineTom Grimes

Corona 9 is out now, a release that not only adds powerful new features lớn Corona itself, it also adds much more khổng lồ your subscription!


Here’s the quick overview of just some of the biggest new features:


Start downloading while you read!


Trial Refresh: All users, even on a trial, get a full 30 day trial refresh to try out both the new features, & the new products added into the subscription. Tải về and install Corona 9 from the links above, and enjoy trying all the new features.

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Corona Pattern – Tile geometry across a surface as easily as you’d tile a texture.Procedural Clouds – địa chỉ detail lớn your Corona Sky, with animatable procedural clouds and airplane trails. You may never need an HDRI again.Edge Trimming in Chaos Scatter – a much requested feature, implemented in this update lớn Scatter.Chaos Scans – The ultimate in realism for your materials, these have been cleverly scanned so that each material responds in its own chất lượng way lớn lighting. Leathers, fabrics, even foils, can now be added to your scene, guaranteed to lớn match the real world in both look and in scale. Included in your Premium subscription.Chaos Player – An easy way khổng lồ turn your image sequences into a video clip format. Now you won’t have khổng lồ use a complex đoạn phim editor that is overkill for your everyday needs. Included in the Premium subscription.

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Chaos Phoenix – Corona has supported Phoenix for some years, but only a few users had it added to lớn their toolset due to the significant extra cost. Now the perfect tool for making fire, smoke, water, và more is included in your Premium subscription.Lots of smaller improvements – Depth of Field from the fisheye camera, new Material Override settings to lớn preserve slicers, out-of-core texture rendering lớn save some memory at render time, and more.

There has also been a lot of work under the hood for code maintenance, laying the groundwork for future features và improvements after the huge update in features added in Corona 8.


Live Webinar


The live webinar for this release will take place on October 25th so reserve your space và make a note on your calendars.

Updates khổng lồ the Licensing

The Corona Licensing has been updated, with one license now covering both 3ds Max & Cinema 4D, and with the Premium tier including some new Chaos tools such as Chaos Phoenix, Scans, and Player. You can view the new licensing details on the purchase page.


All these features apply to lớn Corona for 3ds Max & Cinema 4D, so we’ll only talk about them once, and demo images may be from either host software. In case you are not familiar with both 3ds Max và Cinema 4D, be aware that what 3ds Max calls “Maps”, Cinema 4d calls “Shaders”