Despite all the drama surrounding the numerous BTC forks (and forks on forks), Bitcoin Cash has been keeping its market cap high, seemingly by having strong fundamentals và steady demand. To make your guesses as khổng lồ how BCH’s future will unfold more informed, look at the Bitcoin Cash’s price predictions in this article.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency born out of the Bitcoin protocol’s 2017 hard fork. Bitcoin Cash is one of the few Bitcoin forks that eventually made their way into the public eye: for example, BCH itself spawned Bitcoin SV — another modification of the original protocol.

To answer the question “What is Bitcoin Cash”, one should take a look at a long và heated debate within the community about possible solutions khổng lồ the scalability problem, which happened in 2017. One of those solutions was a protocol change called Segregated Witness (SegWit) and the development of the Lightning network, eventually implemented in the Bitcoin network. 

Another group wanted khổng lồ increase the block kích cỡ limit to improve transaction times, which, as they felt, was essential for Bitcoin in order khổng lồ become a feasible payment system instead of being used mostly as a store of value. This was achieved by splitting off what would become Bitcoin Cash, as BCH block kích cỡ increased first to lớn 8 MB (versus Bitcoin’s 1 MB), & in 2018 again — to lớn 32 MB, which facilitates higher network throughput. This also led to lớn the Bitcoin Cash transaction fees being significantly lower than Bitcoin’s.

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Barring the block size, there is virtually no difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: both are used as a store of value and as a means of p2p payments. Most of the other features are the same, too — for example, Bitcoin Cash also uses Proof-of-Work khổng lồ secure the network.

Like most of the crypto market, Bitcoin Cash reaped the benefits of the bull run of early 2021. In late December 2020, Bitcoin Cash"s price was hovering just above $350, but by February 2021 it had already reached ~$720 which proved to be a resistance line — so Bitcoin Cash’s price bounced down lớn the $450–$550 range. BCH was trading within those bounds until April 2021, when BCH’s price started surging again, getting close to $1100 by the middle of that month and, after a short dip, peaking at $1,635.15 in May (not the all-time high, but still good). 

After the May crash, Bitcoin Cash’s price plunged khổng lồ ~$550 in a few days; the price kept declining in the following months, stabilizing around $390 in late July. BCH joined the crypto price rally in August 2021, reaching ~$600 by the mid-month, which made Bitcoin Cash"s future predictions optimistic again.