Off-road tires, a lifted suspension, và rugged style make this a family-friendly three-row for light trails.

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Stand Out Style

I really can"t express how positive a first impression the Pathfinder made on me when I saw it sitting in the driveway. The Solid Gray paint, standard contrasting roof, and amplified cladding around the bottom, combined with the slightly knobbly all-terrain tires và beadlock-look wheels, present a striking figure. Other Rock Creek touches, lượt thích the new front and rear fascias, help this trim stand out from the run-of-the-mill Pathfinders. & in the cabin, there is orange contrast stitching that matches the Rock Creek stitching on the backrests.


Interior Remains Comfy

The suspension changes, more rugged tires, & the roof rack all signal sacrifices on interior comfort, but they rarely materialized. I heard a touch more wind noise và a slight increase in tire roar, but both were well within what I"d tolerate in a three-row CUV. The ride chất lượng is just as good as the standard model, too. Really, Nissan struck a lovely balance in upgrading the Pathfinder lớn the Rock Creek.


Functional Equipment

The last Pathfinder Rock Creek had a roof rack, but it was an insert on the factory roof rails. The new Pathfinder Rock Creek sports a chất lượng tubular roof rack with a 220-pound limit. The suspension boasts a higher ride height – Nissan isn"t sharing a figure, but I"m betting it"s about an inch – và those AT tires actually provide some added performance off road. Nissan could have very easily rehashed the last Rock Creek, but this new one feels lượt thích arguably the most capable vehicle in the class (until Jeep gets off its backside and sells a Grand Cherokee L Trailhawk). It"s certainly packed with the strongest array of off-road equipment.