Are England now World Cup favourites ahead of the USWNT? (1:24)Herc Gomez feels USWNT are no longer outright favourites to lớn win the World Cup next year. (1:24)

With just over 300 days until the world descends on nước australia and New Zealand for the Women"s World Cup, excitement has never been higher.

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October is set to lớn be a big month in preparation for the tournament with the final direct European slots to be decided & the World Cup draw to lớn be conducted on Oct. 22 in Auckland.

As it stands, 27 nations have qualified for the expanded 32-team tournament after a hectic July window, filled khổng lồ the brim with continental competitions. While some teams have extended their streaks of never having missed a Women"s World Cup, others will be dreaming about their first World Cup matches. This is a rundown of every team that has qualified for the 2023 edition.

Teams are listed in the order they qualified for next year"s Women"s World Cup.


Nigeria (46)

No longer the unbeatable force of African women"s football, Nigeria finished fourth at this year"s WAFCON -- their equal-lowest ranking at the continental tournament. Fourth doesn"t seem that bad, but it"s quite the drop given the Super Falcons won 11 of the previous 13 tournaments. While they were undoubtedly disappointed with their placing, Morocco needed penalties to lớn defeat them in the semifinals while they lost the bronze final by a single goal from Zambia.

Nigeria"s talent, including the likes of Barcelona star Asisat Oshoala, is such that the team shouldn"t be down for long, having continued their record of qualifying for every World Cup.


Colombia (25)

Colombia return khổng lồ the world stage for the first time since 2015 after reaching the Copa America Femenina final on trang chủ soil. However, the team could not find a way past Brazil lớn claim an elusive continental title; Las Cafeteras have finished second in three of the past four Copas. Colombia have impressed on the continental stage for some time while created history internationally, too: Their win against France in the năm ngoái group stage is one of only two South American victories at the World Cup not achieved by Brazil.

Like many South American teams, Colombia are hard khổng lồ gauge. The team does well against fellow CONMEBOL sides và can hold their own against neighbouring CONCACAF teams; two wins against Costa Rica & 3-0 và 2-0 defeats by the USWNT are cases in point. But they play few matches beyond these regions.


Brazil (9)

The perennial South American champions have never missed an edition of the Women"s World Cup, and Pia Sundhage"s side coasted through the Copa America Femenina without dropping a point or conceding a goal. The story in South America is very much As Canarinhas and the rest, but that narrative doesn"t give the best picture as to lớn where Brazil are globally.

The Brazilians are undergoing a regeneration, and their Copa victory without Marta, Formiga or Cristiane marked the first time the team had contested a major tournament without any of the big thee since1995. It would appear the next generation is ready to lớn continue Brazil"s dominance on the continent but are they ready lớn take on the rest of the world?


Argentina (31)

Argentina have qualified for back-to-back World Cups, replicating their feat from 2003 and 2007, after they finished third at the 2022 Copa America Femenina. This placing cemented the team as one of the best of the rest in South America, & they have not finished lower than fourth since the inaugural Copa America Femenina in 1991 -- which they did not enter.

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Argentina have consistently fought for bare-minimum recognition & funding from their federation -- like many teams across the globe -- và their journey to lớn the 2019 World Cup came after two years of inactivity between năm ngoái and 2017. La Albiceleste have not been dormant, nor are the conditions as bad as they once were, but progress is slow, particularly compared with the levels of investment elsewhere.


Norway (13)

It was entirely unsurprising when Norway parted ways with Martin Sjögren following euro 2022, at which the team failed to progress after a wholly unimpressive chiến dịch that featured an 8-0 loss lớn England. World Cup qualifying, however, was more straightforward, with only a scoreless draw against Poland marring an otherwise comprehensive display.

Norway have oodles of talent but they they have not translated that into anything meaningful of late; a quarterfinals appearance at the 2019 Women"s World Cup is the exception. Norwegian legend Hege Riise has been tasked with turning things around; with World Cup qualification ticked off the to-do list, next comes a friendly against the Netherlands, another team hoping that a new coach will offer up better fortunes.


Germany (2)

Concern và confusion reigned when Germany lost lớn Serbia in World Cup qualifying after friendly defeats by Canada & England & a draw with Spain; hence Die Nationalelf didn"t rate a mention among the tournament favourites heading into euro 2022. This wasn"t lớn suggest they"d vị poorly, just that they wouldn"t win the tournament.

They flew delightfully under the radar, và only England on trang chủ soil prevented Germany from claiming yet another European crown. But in the process, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg"s side confirmed the next generation of German talent was ready lớn take on the world. Germany were excellent in World Cup qualifying, bar the blip against Serbia, và coming friendlies against the USWNT will influence how their chances are viewed in the lead up khổng lồ 2023.


England (4)

There has arguably never been more hype or more joy surrounding the Lionesses, and with good reason. Their historic Euros victory on trang chủ soil felt lượt thích a crowning glory, và it put khổng lồ bed at least some of the disappointment caused by decades of "almosts." The Euros win absolutely stands as a mighty achievement, but it also feels like a very necessary step on the road to potential world champion status.

Sarina Wiegman is getting the best out of her players, a statement justified not only by the Euros win but also by England"s record in World Cup qualifying: the Lionesses won all 10 qualifying games, scoring 80 goals without reply. England"s coming friendly against the United States at Wembley could be the greatest indicator yet as to lớn where the world order in women"s football sits: With the reigning world champions or with the champions of Europe?


Netherlands (6)

Netherlands have hit reset on their hopes for 2023 after a lacklustre euro 2022. Mark Parsons was the coach for the majority of qualifying, but he will not lead them down under after the team underperformed in England. The 2017 euro champions had high hopes but failed khổng lồ put things together during the continental tournament.

While the players and the federation no longer trusted Parsons lớn get them where they wanted to lớn go, he did play a role in blooding the next generation of Oranje Leeuwinnen. Andries Jonker is now tasked with getting the Netherlands back into major tournament finals, & he has successfully completed the job Parsons started. Will he have enough time lớn develop the team further?


Italy (15)

The battle between Italy và Switzerland khổng lồ qualify directly out of Group G was decided by the finest margins. Italy topped the group by two points only after Switzerland were held to a draw by Romania..

The Italians reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 2019 & there was some hope they would replicate that effort in the European Championship. The team disappointing at the Euros, however, & failed to make it beyond the group stage. An expanded tournament means Italy could match their efforts from France in australia and New Zealand, but they may need lớn reset ahead of 2023.

The final five places

28 & 29. Spots 28 và 29 will be decided via the UEFA playoffs, which sees the second-placed teams from the qualifying groups ranked in a series of one-off matches. The bottom six sides have been drawn against each other -- Portugal vs. Belgium, Scotland vs. Austria, & Wales vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina -- with the winners heading to lớn round two. There they will meet one of the three best second-placed teams: Iceland, Ireland & Switzerland. The two best-ranked teams from these winners, taking into consideration the group stage & second-round play-off results, qualify directly for the World Cup while the third team heads lớn the intercontinental playoff.